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Sky Map is a real treasure for any astronomy lover. Here you can watch the parade of planets, make a constellation and learn the map of Starry Sky. Explore all the elements of our galaxy, adjust the display mode of the constellations, and study the code name of own celestial bodies.

Here you can separate galaxies from constellations and nebulae. Choose any display mode and look separately and the celestial body. In general, this application will allow you to use various coordinates for traveling through the starry sky. Enjoy your research and get a ton of photo gallery experience.

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Sky Map
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The Deep Space

This application is exciting for many space lovers and constellations. Many exciting aspects are suitable for astronomers, students, and fans of the study of new information. The main advantage of this application is a convenient menu. You can switch between different celestial bodies using the vertical interface. Increase or give away these objects to track all the patterns and constellations on the map. You can add individual parts of the Cosmos to Favorites or switch between planets. At your disposal are nebulae, constellation, galaxies, and a whole galaxy of stars. It is worth noting that you can share new coordinates with friends on social networks. 

You can also search by alphabet or a separate name for celestial bodies. A particular radius allows you to identify individual locations and study their features. The input of coordinates and navigation between various unusual parameters is also available here. You can see all the constellations known to humanity and switch between celestial bodies to search for space exploration. Travel back in time, and you can see how the galaxy looked many years before Galileo Galilee first began his research. The most exciting and fancy section for many people in the gallery. You can see the Orion Nebula, various atmospheric phenomena, and constellations in color pictures. 

These are space images that are shaded by the space engineer. It’s worth a look. It is worth noting that here you will learn how to navigate in space and will be able to switch between different modes on the map. This app is excellent for both smartphones and tablets. It is worth noting that the image viewing modes will allow you to familiarize yourself with how the starry sky arranged and what needs to do to find the correct coordinates. In general, this application is suitable for both students and teachers of astronomy. Fortunately, even an ordinary user can find a lot of interesting information here. You can also see a daily expanding library of photographs and get acquainted with various celestial bodies.

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Into the Sky

enjoy the excellent application that will allow you to learn more about deep space. Here all the knowledge of humanity about the cosmos and celestial bodies is collected. You can explore planets, study the distance from the Earth to various space objects, and look at beautiful photos of space. Here the complete library of coordinates and the location of celestial bodies are collected. You can also find out what Cosmos looked like 10, 20, or even 30 years ago. This application is worth it for you to explore space. Enjoy the exciting features of the interface and enjoy the new knowledge.