Firefox Browser - Review & Download

Mozilla Firefox web browser developed by the Mozilla Company is a browser of choice for users that respect company’s independence and putting user experience on the first place. Firefox delivers safe and secured private web surfing, which also works incredibly fast. 
But the speed and safe browsing is just a tip of an iceberg with Firefox since it has a lot of features to offer: blocking annoying pop-ups, intelligent search, tab-browse functionality, streamlined window design that allow showing a bigger page in comparison with other browsers. Mozilla Firefox is available for computers, tablets, and smartphones and allows synchronizing all your bookmarks, history, page tags between those platforms. In addition to that, there is also a practically unlimited source of add-ons and extensions available for the Firefox mobile app.

Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser

Advanced personalization and customization: create your Home panels using Web items you desire and get access to the most important topic of your choice in the quickest and most convenient way.
Unparalleled browsing experience: Firefox leads the way not only to adaptive browsing but also to the most intuitive way of sharing anything on the Web. Make each element of the system work for you, even the search engine – change it, edit, or even delete it if you want to. 
Reading matters: enjoy your web reading like never before with Reader View and Reading List tools. These instruments will help to save the contents and pages with the most interesting articles you find on the Internet. Change the language in a blink of an eye without restarting the browser and stream the content on a big TV screen. 

Firefox Browser Screenshot

Privacy: Firefox is very thoughtful when it comes to protecting your private information and keeping your browsing history safe. All passwords you save in Firefox are encrypted so that no stranger can crack them. Plus, you can also set a master password to protect all other passwords of yours.

Mozilla Company always says that they are trying to enhance browsing experience for people and also boost the competition among popular web browsers in order to stimulate the development of new features. They are doing it right; you can be sure of that. 

Take your Web with you, sync all your mobile devices, share the contents with others – Firefox is an excellent browser that will help you to do all those things.