imo free video calls and chat - Review & Download

The imo free video calls and chat app offers a stylish and cool interface without any unnecessary clutter. The program is easy to get used to, it is lightweight, and ensures that your smartphone is not going lag while the app is running. Imo has only two main panels in its interface – chats and contacts – and it is enough to make instant voice/video calls or start chatting immediately. The usability of imo is amazing thanks to a wide array of neat features. Users can as easily contact their families and relatives with video/voice calls as conduction conversations on a professional level. Apart from calling and chatting functions, you can also do conference calls and share all kinds of multimedia files effortlessly.    

The imo app has simple installation and setup. One of the core functions of the program allows scanning user’s phonebook (automatically) in order to find contacts that are already using imo. When you see the contact list on the main screen, you can select people to start chatting or video/voice call with. If you need to start a conference with multiple contacts, then just select desired names from the list and wait for their response. Another amazing function of imo is transferring files with your contacts. It does not matter which mode you are currently in – conference, chat, or one friend conversation – you can quickly share any file from your smartphone. In order to make your conversations richer, the developers added various stickers to express your mood, impressions, and describe reactions with one tap on the needed image. It is a nice method to enhance standard chatting experience. Whenever you feel lonely and would like to reach someone who is not using imo, you can send an invite asking your friends to join.  

imo free video calls and chat imo free video calls and chat

imo free video calls and chat

The developers of imo have done tremendous job ensuring the information security and data privacy of their users. According to their words, cracking imo and stealing sensitive user information along with all their uploaded files, sent text, and data would be practically impossible. Users can be sure that even during the installation of the app no malicious content can slip into your phone and harm data store on it. The imo app really seems to be a secured and trusted app for connecting with the people you care and love without possible loss of information. 

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Besides all functions and features available in the app, the team of developers never stops improving their creation with frequent updates. The program works perfectly on Android and iOS devices without any lags and burning system resources. We can recommend it for personal use and professionals as well.