QQ - Review & Download

QQ is a popular Chinese social application for communication and video calls. Here you can send messages to friends, share files, and make video calls. This program allows you to quickly synchronize with data on your smartphone and personal computer for fast transfer of archives, audio, and video documents. It is a multifunctional application that many people will like.

Communicate with other people, use customized themes and pictures as well as a special section with daily games. The program ​​has a vast user base and a simple interface that allows you to deal with all the necessary parameters quickly. Send emoticons to your friends. Use new emotions and other effects to communicate without restrictions.


Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited

Chatting & Video Calls

Many people appreciate the possibility of unlimited communication with relatives and loved ones. This program will allow you to be closer to all friends around the world. Use the option of online chats, collective, or individual conversations. Here you can be closer to your friends and communicate on various topics. Add pictures, gif-animation or emoticons during communication. So you can express your emotions and enjoy chatting with friends. The application has a simple interface and an intuitive format for audio and video calls. You can create a group call and chat with friends around the world. The application supports high standards of video transmission. Why you can enjoy the detailed picture. 

Use this program if you want to exchange files and media data. The program is available for smartphones and personal computers. You can set up quick sync to transfer files in one click. The application supports multiple accounts so that you can get unlimited access to your network from any device. The program is also convenient for domestic payments, utilities, and other activities. First of all, this option is available for residents of China. Foreigners may also use some transfer services depending on the region. The application is regularly updated, and you can take advantage of additional features.

The main advantage of the program is a convenient interface, video chat, and the ability to customize your profile using various themes and pictures. Use business cards to sign all your messages. The game center contains the most popular and exciting games that you may like. Check out our daily selection of games and choose something unusual. Thanks to this application, you can top up your phone sewing account and make purchases on the Internet. More than 900 million people already use the program, so you get access to a vast database of potential friends. Find interesting people and chat in group chats.

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Excellent Social App

QQ is a Chinese phenomenon that is known worldwide. This social app works as a video chat and the ability to communicate between different people around the world. The high quality of the connection guarantees you a clear video stream and the ability to talk with the interlocutor without significant delays. This social app simplifies the communication of many people around the world with emoticons, emoji and other social elements. Find impressive thematic collections of games, change themes and templates, and also Use mobile payments to pay for various services.