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Snapchat is extremely popular among students and schoolchildren of the USA. The app allows them to share various media content such as photos, selfies, and video clips recorded on their smartphones. The story of Snapchat begins in 2011, and since that time the app has been growing surprisingly fast. In January of 2012, Lightspeed Venture Partners invested almost 500,000 US dollars in Snapchat. In May of 2012, the developers reported that every second Snapchat users sent 25 pictures to each other. At the end of 2012, the iOS user sent more than 20 million images. Today two version of Snapchat – for Android and iOS – are equally popular. The number of active users exceeds the daily mark of 5 million people, which send 150 million video clips and photos to each other.

You may wonder what makes Snapchat so popular and distinctive from Instagram or anonymous photo sharing services such as Rando. Well, the thing is that in Snapchat all photos made by you or videos recorded will be deleted after a certain period. So you won’t find any traditional feeds here like in other social media apps and services. It is impossible to track your social activity here.

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The creator of the shot or video clip sets a timer for self-destructing of the content he or she publishes. During that time their friends on Snapchat can check it out, and then it is gone. Any content users publish in Snapchat cannot be saved within the app, so no one will be able to mock your poorly made photos or make fun of videos.

The app has a very eye-pleasing design and intuitive interface without likes/dislikes, annoying comments, and other social media features like that. Everything made simple and laconic in Snapchat. You take a photo or record a video, you send to your friend, and after a couple of minutes, that content will be deleted forever. Probably it is the best app on the market for users that only want to share their photos with close friends and relatives without making everything open to the public.

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In Snapchat you can communicate without worrying even with people you don’t know. No information is saved within the app, so nothing threatens your privacy. This way you can chat with strangers freely. The is very popular right now, and its developers never stop improving it. For example, they are adding new features such as the Stories option. It is very similar to the one you have seen on Facebook. Users can share their Stories with close friends. The content in published Stories will be deleted after 24 hours.