WeChat - Review & Download

WeChat is an application for communication in the format of cheats and video calls. Now you can easily chat with friends around the world, regardless of their geographical location. This application brings people together and allows you to communicate in private and collective cheats.

Send a text message, video, animation, and emoji to amuse your friends. You can also send voice messages and translate text into other languages. Organize group video chats to see all your friends and enjoy unlimited communication. Here you can share the most exciting moments of your life and publish videos that appear in the stream for 24 hours.

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Personal and Grouped Chats

WeChat is an application that does not need an official presentation. Millions of people around the world use this application for communication, audio, and video calls. The main feature of the app is the ability to chat with individuals or entire groups. You can send each other exciting pictures, stickers, selfies, and other content. There are also a lot of emoji and animated videos. It is a great option to express your emotions, chat with friends, and share rich content. Also, the application includes the possibility of audio and video calls. Claimed support for up to 4 simultaneous connections. Thanks to this, you can see your friends on the screen and communicate with them. 

The option to add additional people during the video message implemented thanks to the icon in the upper right corner. You can invite a microphone or adjust the volume in real-time while chatting with friends. The application also includes the option to publish daily 24 hour recordings in video format. You can post small videos that talk about your regular hobbies or other activities. Amaze your friends and become socially active. One of the features of the application is the ability to make marks on the map and share your location with friends. Thanks to this, all your friends will see your location to meet you in the city. It is an excellent option if you want someone to keep you company in a cafe or park but feel free to ask about it directly. 

Each user has their page with the ability to add publications. Share your highlights and get user feedback — besides, the application designed to provide people with the opportunity for social communication. You can share funny emoticons with exciting pictures that many people will like. In addition to impressive functionality and many options, you can use this application on absolutely any smartphone, tablet, or computer. It is very convenient since you will always be in touch with your friends and regardless of the type of gadget used. The application supports account synchronization, so you always stay in touch when changing the device.

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The Power of Chatting

The application is entirely free and allows people to communicate without restrictions on the Internet. Here you can access convenient individual or collective cheats, make audio and video calls, and enjoy unlimited communication. Publish memorable moments from your life on a personal page and get feedback from other users. Here you can stay socially active and receive many positive comments from friends and other people. Enjoy communication, Express your emotions, and share fun emoticons with your friends.