Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking - Review & Download

Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking is a free application, provided by Lloyds Banking Group. It enables users to monitor their credit or debit card balances, create money transfers, pay bills, and much more. Based on the 2016 Global Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark report, Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking has been ranked as the #1 banking application in the UK, and scored the 4th and 8th positions in Europe and worldwide respectively. 

In order to start using the application, you will have to create an account first. All need for this is your mobile number. Once ready, choose one of the three available account options, including personal, international, and islands personal account. Finally, set up your Internet Banking User ID, create a unique password, and fill out memorable information. The app allows users to link up to five mobile devices to their accounts, which is really convenient. 

Using the Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking app, you can easily keep track of your credit/debit card balance, card limits, and account status at all times. You may also transfer money between different accounts right within the app, which saves you time on going to the bank. In case you’re looking for bank branches or ATMs, the application will help you search for the ones that are closest to your current location.

Speaking of security, Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking allows you to instantly block and report stolen or lost credit/debit cards as well as order replacements. Should you have any problem or concerns, you may get in touch with a Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking representative right within the app. 

Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking

Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking
Lloyds Bank PLC

Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking Features:

  • Monitor your current credit or debit card balance.
  • Make quick and easy money transfers between different accounts.
  • Get access to information about recent transactions.
  • Log in securely with a three-character combination, Face ID, or Touch ID.
  • Link multiple devices to your personal account for easy management.
  • Check out recommended financial products.
  • Report and replace lost or stolen cards.


Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking Screenshot

Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking is an easy-to-operate app, which helps you fulfill all your banking needs without leaving the house. The application is available for a free download. It is supported by both Android and iOS platforms.