Multi Panther Hero Crime City Battle - Review & Download

Multi Panther Hero Crime City Battle is a dynamic action game where you have to play as a superhero in a panther costume. Move around the city with a living panther and fight criminals.

You have to save ordinary citizens, destroy terrorists, and fight crime. Use technology and advanced technical equipment to fight against bandits. In your arsenal is a massive set of fighting techniques and a unique battle technique.

Multi Panther Hero Crime City Battle Multi Panther Hero Crime City Battle

Multi Panther Hero Crime City Battle
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Become a Real Hero

The city is suffocating from crime, bandits, and robots of terrorists. Police and city officials are not coping with the onslaught of terrorist organizations. Now every resident of the city is afraid to go out, fearing for his life. You have to take justice into your own hands and become a real superhero. Wear a panther costume and take a wild animal with you for hunting. You have to fight with bandits and destroy terrorist groups. It is a complex and painstaking process, but you will succeed. Your combat suit is protected from various injuries and can withstand direct hit weapons. Fight and destroy opponents. Your hero knows how to fight hand to hand. Comprehending all these martial arts and kill the bandits. A real cougar will help you fight enemies. 

Use various tricks and combinations from the attacking style to destroy all fighters. Move around the city on your motorcycle and complete different missions. Part of the level must pass as quietly and silently as possible. Pick up the enemy and destroy each enemy. Create ambushes and attack unexpectedly. It will allow you to gain an advantage. The game is a three-dimensional fighting game where you fight on the right side. Use the supernatural abilities of your hero to fight in hand-to-hand combat. You can also use superpowers to shoot energetic plasma clots at enemies. It will help you stop the onset of robots and criminals. Shoot robust plasma clots and neutralize any enemy inside. Give commands to your wild animal. 

It will help you deal with all the criminals in the city. The city itself created quite realistically. You have to drive through the streets and find various missions. Fight criminals and help ordinary people. You also have to save the hostages. It is a complicated process because you need to have time to defend them. The game offers you ema stylish and dynamic gameplay where there is no place for fear. Fight with enemies and prove that you are worthy of being the defender of this city. Use all your special tricks and protect ordinary citizens.

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Fight with Enemies

This game is a dynamic fighting game. You need to become a real superhero who adequately defends the city from criminals and combat robots. Fight on the right side and help as an ordinary resident. The fate of the whole town depends on you. Take justice into your own hands and helps people gain freedom. You have to fight with various opponents and bosses. Show your wit and talent during the battles. A dynamic rating system allows you to experiment and create multiple combat combinations. You can also destroy the enemy with clots of plasma. Shoot and destroy everything in its path for justice to triumph.