Samsung Pay - Review & Download

Samsung Pay is a proprietary payment service that allows you to pay in stores and any institution with contactless terminals. The program uses an NFC chip to make a one-touch payment. Just bring your smartphone to the bank terminal and confirm the action.

The application uses Samsung KNOX security technology and generates one-time codes (tokens) to protect each payment. Now your bank account is always at hand. Make one-touch purchases anywhere in the world without the need for an internet connection.

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Samsung Pay
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Bank Account in Your Pocket

Samsung has developed its bank card binding application. This software helps you enter your bank card details into a contactless payment database. You no longer need to withdraw cash from an ATM or use a plastic card. Now you can pay with one-touch wherever there are terminals for reading NFC chips. It is very convenient. You do not need to carry money or remember a pin code. Just use the fingerprint scanner to confirm the payment.

You can activate the application by a simple swipe from the bottom up. Select a card and confirm. The program works even faster than standard bank cards. You do not need the Internet to make a payment. The company cares about user safety. Stores and any companies cannot get direct access to your accounts. Each transaction is working with a token system. It is a one-time digital code that will generate when paying for a product or service. Third parties do not receive your data.

User personal safety is always ensured by Samsung KNOX technology. The smart algorithm analyzes smartphone software for vulnerabilities, and it prevents possible leakage of data or personal information. Each payment starts after entering a PIN code or scanning a fingerprint. It ensures that no one can use your money illegally. The identity verification procedure is relevant for each purchase. The program works in a matter of seconds after bringing the smartphone to the payment terminal.

This app is using the OPC method to add bank cards to the system. You need to take a picture of the credit card, and the program will recognize all the necessary elements to add the account number to the system. You can add an unlimited number of cards. When choosing a payment method, you will need to click on one of the cards. It saves time and allows you to make purchases quickly. After the initial setup, you can use your bank accounts at any time convenient for you. All transactions are conducted using NFC technology. You do not need 3G, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

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Fast NFC Payments

This application works with all Samsung smartphones that support NFC technology. You no longer need a wallet and bank cards. Now all payments can be made using a smartphone. Select an item and bring your smartphone to the terminal. Each payment occurs within a few seconds. It is a quick way to get the desired product or service. Fast and secure payments preserve your anonymity and personal data. A PIN code or fingerprint confirms each transaction. Use the application to contactless pay for any product or service. The program works offline, without the consumption of Internet traffic.