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Volume Booster is an application that allows you to change the software settings of your smartphone and increase the sound up to 40%. Choose the level that you need and get improvements in the frequency range and overall volume of your smartphone.

Now your interlocutor will hear you more clearly, and the quality of music from the built-in speakers will be much better. The application has a convenient interface, simple control options, and separate widgets on the desktop so that you can change various parameters.

Volume Booster Volume Booster

Volume Booster
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Sound Boosting

Many smartphone users know that manufacturers specifically underestimate the value and threshold of sound volume to extend the life of the speakers. However, your smartphone may work better to study louder. This software package designed to improve standard software settings and increase the volume level to 40%. The app can also change the built-in equalizer to enhance the frequency range. The developers have created a unique model for regulating frequencies, making the music, and the sound of conversation in the speakers sound more realistic. You can use a simple indicator to manually adjust the volume of a phone call, music, and alarms. 

The application automatically searches for the best settings and offers you the best option. You can set the central widget on the screen of your smartphone to control all sound parameters. Now you can create a real professional media player in the format of your smartphone. Use the individual section to search for additional applications that will help you find the best solutions for various activities. The main advantage of the program is that you do not need to pre-configure anything. Developers have come up with a special algorithm that automatically unlocks the restrictions set by the manufacturer. 

Thanks to this, you can get the real volume that embeds in a specific speaker in your smartphone. It is worth noting that the application offers an ascetic interface that does not require additional manipulations with the settings or the equalizer. A fully automated process simplifies the work and allows you to choose the sound format that suits you. Use the particular built-in indicator to adjust the volume manually. The lightweight of the application and the reduced consumption of resources guarantee you convenient use of your smartphone in any mode. Activate the program and improve the sound of your smartphone to the required condition.

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Useful Sound App

By installing this application on your smartphone, you will be able to unlock the restrictions set by the manufacturer on the maximum speaker volume. You have the opportunity to improve the frequency range in the headphones and with the help of the main speaker. Now the loud sound of your smartphone will be much higher than the manufacturer installed. Enjoy the user-friendly interface, quick settings, and the ability to adjust various sound parameters.