Audible audiobooks & originals - Review & Download

Audible is an application for selecting audiobooks, audio shows, and original TV shows. The library allows you to choose a variety of voiced books, stories, celebrity performances, and more. The application tied to an Amazon account so that users can get full access to their archives from any device. The free app has a convenient search for books and audio content.

Fans of audio content will appreciate this application. Here is an extensive library of bestsellers, novels, memoirs, riddles, and other audio content. In addition to third-party content, the app has the original celebrity audio shows.

Audible audiobooks & originals Audible audiobooks & originals

Audible audiobooks & originals
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The application supports live broadcast so that you can listen to audiobooks in the daily rhythm of life. Take your smartphone with you and enjoy the professional voice acting of your favorite books. Users can download all the necessary papers to listen offline.

You can set up automatic synchronization on any home devices. The pace of the announcer can be accelerated or slowed down. A unique system of timers can stop playback at a specified time, or stay at a specific chapter. Listening to audiobooks can be combined with the reading of printed materials. The application runs in the background and does not interfere with the use of the essential functions of the device.

The application can interact with Apple Watch. Thanks to synchronization, all the essential books can be transferred to the smartwatch, and listen to them at any convenient time. The application is entirely free. You need to create an Amazon account to log in to the app and sync. The service offers to download the first book for free to get acquainted with all the possibilities.

All audiobooks are recorded with precise articulation and corresponding accents that illustrate the events in the book. It allows you to not worry about the fact that you can skip essential moments in the plot. The application uses streaming to play the recordings on the server. Users can also download content directly to a smartphone or tablet.

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Audiobook lovers can download Audible and get full access to the entire Amazon library. The first book can be downloaded for free. The application has a simple interface, diverse content, and extended functionality. Users can access a timer, delayed start, read speed control and various announcers. It allows you to enjoy books without having to read the print edition. The library has many publications in multiple languages, in different genres and styles of reading.