Amazon Photos - Review & Download

It’s always great to keep all the precious photos at hand, especially when you don’t need to rely on the Internet connection that much. However, limiting your storage sources to mere physical devices might be quite risky in practice. Memory cards, DVD’s, hard drives, and smartphones have proved to be vulnerable to fire, water, and other external factors, which is why it would be smarter to combine various storage methods to ensure your files are accessible from everywhere, always. 

When it comes to storing media files like photos and videos, there is no better way to preserve your memories than via convenient cloud services that can be used right from your phone. A great example of such service is Amazon Photos.

Amazon Photos Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos

Amazon is well-known for its world’s largest online marketplace which is extensively used by millions of retailers and customers every day, but the platform offers much more than that. Due to the ever-growing demand for saving and handling large volumes of data, Amazon decided to introduce its own cloud storage platform Amazon Drive, together with a more media-focused service Amazon Photos, which is essentially a part of the Amazon Prime subscription service. So if you want to have a decent photo & video storage source, Amazon Photos is exactly what you need. By the way, don’t be sad if you’re not subscribed to Amazon Prime – you can still use the storage and upload up to 5 GB of data for free.

The official Amazon Photos app has everything you need to manage your photos and videos right from your smartphone. Of course, if you want to gain unlimited storage space, you should be an Amazon Prime subscriber. Once you download the app, simply log in with your Amazon or Amazon Prime account and start uploading your images within seconds. All the files you upload to the app are automatically saved in the universal cloud storage which you can access from any device at all times. Moreover, your family members can also get access to your photos by connecting to the Family Vault, which is a common folder where you can share photos and videos with each other. 

The main feature of the app is full support of high-resolution images and RAW videos without any unnecessary compression. As a result, you can be 100% sure that your files will always preserve their original quality on both upload and download. The service also provides a smart AI that identifies what is depicted on the photo and then adds it to an album with other similar images. For instance, if you want to arrange your photos according to various environment types, they will be distributed into corresponding categories under titles like Sunset, Beach, Forest, etc. If you enable location services for the app, it will also manage to arrange your images according to the places you’ve been. 

Another distinct feature of the app is a photo printing functionality. You can choose the photos you’d like to have in hard copy to be printed and delivered to your doorstep. Apart from regular photos, you can also have your images printed on customized postcards, calendars, mugs, and other accessories.

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Amazon Photos has a very handy free app that solves all existing photo storage space problems in an instance. You can now freely upload and manage your photos and videos across an unlimited number of albums, but also arrange them according to themes, locations, dates, and even people depicted on them. Plus you get an automatic backup functionality so that you didn’t have to spend your time on manual saving. And, if you’re not yet a member of Amazon Prime, we highly recommend becoming one, as it has tons of other great services worth trying.