Catch Santa - Review & Download

Catch Santa is the original application that allows you to edit your photos and add various mythical characters. Create a realistic picture that will have Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, elves, or Tooth Fairy. The application has many different styles that you can surprise your children and acquaintances.

Settings allow you to edit the gamma, brightness, contrast and add various stickers to the image. Now you can create your photo which will confirm the existence of Santa Claus and other creatures.

Catch Santa Catch Santa

Catch Santa
Capture The Magic

Add the Santa

Have you ever dreamed that you will have the opportunity to add Santa Claus and other fictional characters to your photos? Now you can do it. This application has an extensive database of stickers and images of Santa Claus and elves and other creatures. Here is a massive base of pets in every child and adult. A convenient menu and the ability to use hints can help you create a realistic fake. Imagine how happy your child will be when he sees a real Santa Claus near the Christmas tree. 

It is a real extravaganza and delight that is impossible to fake. We all understand that Santa Claus does not exist. And elves do not live at the North Pole. Nevertheless, children's dreams cannot destroy. Let them believe in the best fantasies, and we will help them rejoice in this beautiful period of their maturation. Create realistic images and add any characters you wish. Setting and editing photos are very convenient. You can adjust the frame. You are guaranteed to be able to make an ideal enemy. 

The application has a support system and a store for buying the best stickers. It does not mean that you have to buy every picture. The base of free samples is quite extensive so that you can enjoy this option. Use the gallery to save all existing photos. The first store allows you to buy the most beautiful and realistic stickers and create a holiday for your child. The application is straightforward to learn. So you do not need much time to create the desired image. Try it, and you will succeed.

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Start the magic show

The application is perfect for those who want to create a New Year's mood, add funny fictional characters to your photo and please your child. Thanks to the available library of stickers and the simple process of image formation, you can create a beautiful fake. It will allow you to surprise friends, loved ones, and your children. A little plodding and you will create a real masterpiece. Enjoy the results and emotions of your friends and relatives.