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FaceApp is an entertaining application that can automatically process photos and create beautiful selfies. Choose a variety of effects, in particular, the aging or rejuvenation mode. Artificial intelligence transforms photos and changes them depending on the desired age.

Add various tattoos, new stylish elements, and makeup. The application will allow you to add a smile, process every pixel of your photo, and apply new hairstyles. Grow a beard or mustache in one click. This application allows you to improve your photo and make it more attractive.

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Photo Editor

FaceApp is an advanced photo editor. Thanks to many filters and settings, you can radically change the look of your photo and use additional presets to change several parameters. In particular, you can use several photo processing templates to change your age in the picture. For example, you can see yourself at a young or old age, thanks to a face scan. The application uses remote servers to process photos and changes the appearance of the character in the picture due to built-in algorithms. You can also quickly change gender to see yourself in a different guise. The offer includes several effects to add makeup, beautiful eyelashes, eyebrows, and additional stylish effects. 

You can try on a new hairstyle, stylish accessories, a beard, and mustache. In addition to artificial intelligence, there is a mode for adding a smile that will allow you to make your selfie more positive and winning. Change various filters, settings and create a beautiful appearance of your photos thanks to the built-in algorithm of applications. A vital feature of this service is artificial intelligence. But despite this, you can use several standard effects like creating collages or mirroring a photo. Choose different effects or create gif-animations to publish the final result on social networks. After you finish advanced settings, you can post ready-made images to any social networks or save them to your smartphone. 

The application contains ready-made presets with tattoos and skins that will make you the heroes of popular films and TV shows. Feel the complete reincarnation and create an incredible image. The application interface is intuitive and straightforward. You have a mode of various settings at the bottom of the screen, the ability to upload any photo, or use a ready-made preset to see all the features of the editor. Choose one of the predefined presets from the general list and determine the current format of interaction with the application. Thanks to the fast connection with the servers, the app edits your photos in one click.

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Age Switching

Despite the extensive functionality of the application, the option of changing sex and age turned out to be the most popular. Artificial intelligence quickly processes requests so that you can count on new images and additional changes. Look at yourself in youth or old age and get pleasant emotions. This application is based on the general principles of aging and takes into account various age-related wrinkles and changes in facial contours. Thanks to this, you get a realistic result that can compare with real photos of people.