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Facetune is aiming mostly at selfie enthusiasts who make selfies ten times a day and need a good tool for quick edits. However, the features packed in this compact app make it also an optimal solution for average users that just want their photos to look professional. If you compare the edition potential of Facetune with Instagram, the app gets a hands-down win offering much more functions to toy with. Facetune is available on Google Play and App Store, so both Android and iOS users can check it out.

Editing photos on Android devices with the help of Facetune is a bit easier. You can select any image not only from the gallery but also from your downloads folder, cloud storage, Google photo, and other apps and services. It is super convenient and allows you to save your time. On iOS devices, you need to import photos to the media library first, and only after that, you will be able to develop them.

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Main editing tools can be found at the bottom of the user interface, just under the image you are editing at the moment. Here you can find instruments such as “Shape,” “Patch,” “Tones,” “Red eyes,” “Filters,” “Defocus,” “Canvas,” “Crop,” “Flip,” “Refine,” “Reshape,” “Whiten,” “Smooth,” and more. We think it is already more than enough for a small app.

If you select the “Crop” option, you will not only get access to basic proportional cropping but also to flip and mirror options. The “Whiten” feature makes your teeth or cloth look bright as fresh snow. It is incredibly useful to make the old, burnt out cloth look nice and new. The “Refine” feature is probably the most popular one amongst selfie makers as it lets them mask all kinds of skin imperfections, acne, and wrinkles. After applying this effect, your skin becomes young and fresh, at least on the photo. To make your skin even more beautiful and model-like, use the “Smooth” tool.

Tap “Details” to bring up the interface that makes some elements on the image look sharper. This will be useful for those men and women who use eye tint in order to make their eyes livelier and more beautiful. The next instrument called “Reshape” is going to be your personal plastic surgeon but is a little difference – it changes the shape of the face and other parts of your body without any surgical procedures. When it is impossible to hide a big skin flaw or a scar with the previous tools, then it is time to use the “Patch” instrument. It utilizes special algorithms to copy normal fragments of the skin and then replaces the damaged ones. To make your skin look paler/tanner or emphasize shades, you are free to use the power of the “Tones” feature.

How often you make a photo only to find that your (or someone else in the frame) has evil red eyes? With the “Red eyes” function the mentioned problem does not exist for the Facetune users. And when you want to edit a photo that has a lot of objects in the background, you can blur them out with the “Defocus” function. Most photos with properly applied defocus are more spectacular. In addition to everything mentioned above, Facetune also lets you applied various filters. The collection of filters available to users is impressive. When you are finally done with the editing, you can add a vignette effect to make your masterpiece more pleasant to the human eye. Feeling the urge to share your work with the world? Easy! A few taps will post your image on Twitter/Facebook/etc. or send to the selected email.

All in all, Facetune is an awesome yet simple photo editor that lets you transform average and normal photos into pure awesomeness. Quick edits without losing in quality – what else do you need?!

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