Google Photos - Review & Download

Provided by Google, Google Photos allows users to store, edit, and share your photos and videos within a single app. With the “Visual Search” feature, you can quickly browse photos by place, people, or particular things pictured in them. The app allows you to synchronize your video clips and photos among different devices by logging in with your Google account.

To ensure your data doesn’t get lost, back your photos and videos, using Google Cloud. This way, your data will be private and secure. You can choose between two storage options: High Quality and Original Resolution. The first one offers unlimited storage space. It also supports photos of up to 16 megapixels and video clips with maximum 1080 resolution. As for the second option, it provides 15GB of storage as well as allows storing raw photos and videos with very high resolution. Plus, you can remove backed up pictures to free more storage space on your device.

Google Photos is packed with lots of editing tools. You can customize pictures, using different colors, lighting, contrast, vignette, etc. The app also offers 14 original filters for you to choose from. Once finished, you can easily share finished photos, even entire albums, with friends and family by simply sending a link.

Google Photos Google Photos

Google Photos
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Google Photos Features:

  • Store memorable videos and photos in one place.
  • Share pictures with others in just a few clicks.
  • Synchronize your data among different devices.
  • Enjoy a wide range of editing features.
  • Make your photos stand out with different filters.


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Google Photos is a handy application, which provides a variety of features that help you manage your pictures and videos. It is pretty simple and easy to navigate. You can download the app for free. It is supported by both Android and iOS devices.