Photo Editor- - Review & Download

With dozens of different photo editing apps available on the mobile market, it’s becoming hard to understand what is good and what is not anymore. Some apps are being constantly improved and polished to meet the needs of the demanding user, while others remain glitchy and unstable for years and continue to exist only thanks to being free of charge.

Photo Editor- by Axiem Systems is trying to become something between the two poles, offering a lot of free photo editing tools and going through casual improvements which, however, do not really enhance the overall user experience. Currently, the app is available for free on all mobile devices and offers in-app purchases to enable even more editing tools and features.

Photo Editor- Photo Editor-

Photo Editor-

Photo Editor- is basically another all-in-one photo editing solution that contains all necessary features that a regular user might need, starting from basic editing tools, like cropping and contrast adjustments, and ending with decorative things, including stickers, frames, and collage tools. Despite having so many things included, the app is relatively small in size and is unlikely to affect your phone’s memory space. The app also supports ads, and some users have mentioned that they tend to pop up pretty often, covering the whole workspace and preventing you from continuing your editing activity until a commercial is over. You can purchase an ad-free version to solve this problem, though. 

In the past years, Axiem Systems issued a specialized Photo Collage app, so if you’re into making collages more than just editing photos, we suggest downloading that app instead. Photo Editor- is indeed more about editing photos, so we’ll concentrate on this aspect of the app. While a built-in editor of your phone might be quite cool by itself, it most often doesn’t allow you to save an edited version of your photo as a new image, which results in having to stick to one single editing style. With Photo Editor-, you can save multiple edits of the same photo without any problem. The app has a pretty extensive toolset for basic photo editing, which includes cropping, spots & red eye removal, and lighting adjustments.

Moreover, Photo Editor- has a built-in camera which allows you to take images with stylish local filters which are usually unavailable among default camera filters of your phone. For instance, you can apply a focus filter that will make your photographed object stand out from its background, or you can add a color splash filter that will stress more attention on any object you like. And, if you decide that the given set of features limits your creativity, you can opt to pay for an extra effects pack that costs just $1.99. The same goes to the app’s sets of frames, text fonts, overlays, and collages. 

Using the app is pretty easy, as all the tools you need are always located at the bottom of the screen. Every editing category has its respective subcategory, and you can easily navigate between them by tapping back and forward. If you don’t like the result of any applied effect, you can undo it by tapping the corresponding button.

Photo Editor- Screenshot

Overall, Photo Editor- is a decent mobile photo editing app that has all the features you need to make your photos look lit. There have been occasional complaints about the app being glitchy and closing on various occasions during the editing process without saving images at all. Accordingly, if you experience such troubles, we recommend addressing the developer directly or simply switch to another photo editing solution.