Shutterfly: Prints & Gifts - Review & Download

It would be great if we could endlessly take pictures with our smartphone and print them anytime we want, instantly, in a Polaroid-camera manner. However, our desires will always be ahead of the progress, so we should take the options which are accessible on the market today.

Enlarging your device space is not a big issue anymore – you can buy a memory card or make use of one of the cloud services available online. Printing photos from your phone is not a problem either, as there are tons of mobile photo printing services allowing you to upload, edit, and send your photos to the printing shop in mere seconds. But why should you do two separate actions to reach your goals when you can use an app that can do both at once?

Shutterfly: Prints & Gifts Shutterfly: Prints & Gifts

Shutterfly: Prints & Gifts

Shutterfly: Prints & Gifts is a mobile app which offers its users unlimited opportunities in terms of storing, editing, and printing their favorite photos. While the original online printing service has been around for quite a while now, allowing people to order photo prints, gifts, and stationery from desktop, now you can do the same things right from your smartphone. Moreover, you gain unlimited photo storage where you can keep the pictures you want to save for the future by at the same time effectively freeing space on your phone. Shutterfly also provides limited deals for its users that make printing photos even more fun. Plus it supports multiple ways to share your pictures with your friends and family.

If you have an account on the desktop version of Shutterfly, you can easily access your photo storage from your mobile device. In this way, your content will be available everywhere. Uploading photos on the Shutterfly mobile app is much easier and includes the possibility to import pictures from your social media profiles. Apart from storage and regular printing services, you can also use the app to order mugs, magnets, calendars, canvas prints, pet items, and other memorable things.

You can use a handful of tools to create your own photo books and calendars in the app, and you can also edit photos themselves, although the image editing possibilities are quite limited here. One significant editing feature includes the ability to put the title and description to the back of the photo print, which is a great way to commemorate the people and the locations where the picture was taken. Customizing photo-based products like mugs and books is pure fun: you get to pick from a huge variety of frames, text captures, visual effects, stickers, and other decorative options. For those who deal with the service for the first time, the app offers a comprehensive tutorial to help you get started.

Having downloaded Shutterfly on your phone, you automatically get free 4x4 and 4x6 photo prints and only pay for delivery services. In addition, you can order one free photo book a month, but it should contain no more than 250 photos, and you can only make 9 copies of the same photo. Remember, though, that these exclusive deals are available for a limited time only, so update the app regularly to stay informed.

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Overall, Shutterfly is an intuitive app that allows you to store and print your favorite photos just in a few taps. It also has a vast variety of features to help you create personalized gifts and everyday items to keep your best moment with you at all times. Sadly enough, the service is not yet ready to provide overnight delivery, so you will need to wait for about 7-9 days for your prints to arrive at your doorstep. However, you can always pay extra money to have it delivered at least two days after putting an order online.