Triller: Social Video Platform - Review & Download

Triller is a free mobile application that allows you to record and create music videos. This application will enable you to select a song from your music library, take multiple pictures, and then automatically edit them together to create a video.

It is a fun way to pass the time, but with a little practice, you can create awesome videos. You can also use Triller to follow other users, such as their videos and more.

Triller: Social Video Platform Triller: Social Video Platform

Triller: Social Video Platform

Using Triller is easy. To begin with, you choose a song from the music folder of your device (or from the songs included in the application package). You select a short clip from a song that will become the basis of your music video. When you activate the recording function, the clip plays like a movie with a camera, allowing you to sync lips or shoot whatever you want. If you take several pictures, the application automatically edits them together to create a composite music video. You can choose from several filters to change the look of your shots. You have limited control over which pictures the application prefers to use in its final editing. Once your video is complete, you can share it with other users using the social functions of the app.

All videos can be processed in the program, putting music and similar effects. You can choose one of the songs in the library or download your own. Use advanced filters, logos, and advanced settings. Then you can sync everything and upload to one of the available social networks. A significant advantage of the application is optimization. You do not have to worry about the power of your device.

All settings, menus, and switches are intuitive. You only need a couple of minutes to mount a great movie. This application is suitable for those who need an easy and convenient video editor with basic functionality and various filters — a convenient menu and simple processing algorithm help to create video content.

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The application allows you to trim the video, change the display format, and impose various filters. Each effect can be activated and viewed in real time. It enables you to decide on the future background video and the appropriateness of additional options. The application design is concise and facilitates the work with various settings. You can easily find the desired effects and customize the display of data. Create author films or music videos to surprise your friends.