Video Editor - Review & Download

It’s hard to deny that the quality of videos shot on modern mobile phones is high enough to be used in professional videography. Both Android and iOS devices are now on the peak of their technological advancement, and the limits can be still surpassed further.

Of course, there are now numbers of mobile apps allowing users to edit their videos on the go, and it sometimes gets hard to choose one that suits your needs while at the same time being not that challenging in terms of functionality. When talking about Video Editor by the Luni developer, you can be sure to get a fair amount of both things in one single app.

Video Editor Video Editor

Video Editor

The developer claims that their video editing app is perfect for cropping videos and making various collages with them. That sounds cool, especially considering the fact that the app is given out for free in both the App Store and Google Play. However, some features will only be accessible via in-app purchases. Those include monthly or yearly subscription plans that go as high as $19.99 per year. The full pack of tools will allow you to make nice-looking music videos that can be then uploaded to popular online video services like, Vine, YouTube, Instagram, and many more.

The Video Editor’s interface looks pretty professional. Starting from the basic editing tools, like cropping, color adjustments, and trimming, and ending with more intricate features, like transitions, and dynamic visual effects – everything seems to be in the right place, which makes the app very handy even for those people who are not really knowledgeable in video editing. You can also add music to your videos, but there are limits for its duration, which don’t allow for an audio track to be longer than 40 seconds or so. Alternatively, you can record your own voice and use it as your main soundtrack. After your video and music are in sync, you can start working on optional features like adding text or emojis. 

If you want to polish your video, there is a huge pack of filters that can make it look more professional. For instance, you can add an old-movie look to your footage by choosing the Retro Film filter. Or you can stick with the original look to offer a more realistic video mood to your viewers. You can also create stunning collages and slide-shows by using photos from your camera roll. Or you could make something that would combine both videos and photos in any specific order to make it look like a story. 

Some of the users that have already tried using Video Editor claimed that the quality of the rendered video version tends to be lower than the source footage. In addition, occasional crashes and in-app bugs occurred during the regular usage mode on various devices, and the app hasn’t yet come up with sufficient bug fixes to improve users’ experience with their app. Ads are another issue that users would like to be addressed by the developer.

Video Editor Screenshot

Essentially, you can use the Video Editor app for creating music videos, slide-shows, short movies, humorous sketches, and literally anything within the limits of your imagination. The solution offers simple and handy tools, allowing you to create original content worthy of numerous video platforms and satisfying the majority of users’ creative ideas. Despite the fact that the app might be unstable from time to time and requires a subscription to get access to the full set of features, it’s still worth a try.