Vine Camera - Review & Download

Provided by Vine Labs, Vine Camera is a free application, which enables users to create 6-minute-long video clips. You can edit and cut your videos however you like as well as create perfect loops. The application also provides standard creation tools, which include but are not limited to grid overlay, multi-clip trimming, flash, AF focus, front-facing camera, ghost tool, and many others. While creating videos, you may save drafts anytime, and continue working on them later. Once finished, you can easily save vines to your camera roll, or share them with friends and family, using your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

With Vine Camera, you can discover such categories as “On the Rise” and “Popular Now” to enjoy video clips from millions of creators from all over the globe. See what is popular and trending among other users at the moment. You can follow favorite creators as well. The application also provides a number of different channels to check out, such as dance, comedy, music, art, sports, animals, and others. You may share favorite vines either by posting them on social media, or revining.

Vine Camera Vine Camera

Vine Camera
Vine Labs

Vine Camera Features:

  • Record short looping videos.
  • Engage with the large Vine community.
  • Share your vines with others in a few taps.
  • Enjoy a variety of editing features.
  • Follow your favorite creators.


Vine Camera Screenshot

Vine Camera is a handy and easy-to-use tool for making short looping videos. Let your creativity flow and share your finished pieces with others. You can download the app for free and use it on Windows Phone, Android, or iOS mobile devices.