Calculator - Review & Download

The Calculator is an application that allows you to replace the standard calculator and offer users a rich interface with functional features and various options. Customize the memory save buttons, select options, and view the history of calculations. You can also edit all dialed numbers to change calculations.

Choose any skin for the keyboard and customize the look of the calculator. It is worth noting that the program remembers a large number of options and contains all the necessary mathematical calculations for the standard tasks of the everyday user.

Calculator Calculator


Math Calculations

This calculator is a suitable replacement for a standard application as it allows you to perform more mathematical functions. It has several graphical shells to customize the interface. Choose from 12 themes to make your calculator more beautiful. You can also quickly copy and delete the results of mathematical equations. Select individual expressions or delete off-the-shelf calculations. You can also copy and use the history of calculations at will. Manage the memory of the calculator and save the important numbers. Here you can access the operations of addition and subtraction with the stored numbers. See the result and track the whole story in a few clicks. You can also work with complex calculations using percentages, pi number, and individual brackets. 

Choose options with logarithms, tangent, cosines, and square root. Now you can easily calculate the necessary formulas in a maths lesson at school, college, or in everyday life. The calculator is stable and supports most modern versions of the operating system. Thanks to it, you can expect that the program will work stably even on an old smartphone. In general, this program copes with any complex mathematical calculations and allows you to store the entire detailed history for future use. You can organize your workflow with a few clicks and display the program on top of other windows. Use all the necessary mathematical formulas that are hidden in the calculator and activate additional settings.

The application is entirely free, and advertising options are almost invisible. You can quickly use the program without any restrictions on your smartphone or tablet. The app supports portrait and horizontal mode, which facilitates the functioning and additional costing in any format. Save data to keep statistics and detailed records in your mathematical operations. Touch keys are very responsive and allow you to type numbers at a fast pace comfortably. It is essential for those who are engaged in complex mathematical calculations and want to use the standard settings with mi-mi as efficiently as possible. You can switch different keyboard display modes to display the most important and relevant functions for you in advance.

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Better than the Basic Calculator

The application has an advantage over the standard calculator on your smartphone or tablet. It has a graphical interface and the ability to customize buttons. You can highlight the essential elements in the foreground and focus on thermal tasks. Customize and look at the keyboard, save relevant options for the history of mathematical calculations. This calculator is useful for simple and complex accurate calculations, working with logarithms and other functions. Choose the necessary parameters in the menu and make precise, accurate calculations. Now all your moments of activity will be saved in the application history. Open the results of mathematical operations and copy them for later use.