CamScanner - Scanner to scan PDF - Review & Download

CamScanner - Scanner to scan PDF is an innovative application for scanning any documents and creating pdf files. You can count on convenient functionality and the ability to work with brightness and contrast. Configure templates for scanning your IDs and other documents.

Here you can edit the file, select individual fragments, and emphasize various graphics. Share your documents on social networks and send links to cloud services to your friends. Here you can scan any books and cut out pages for equivalent insertion into a new file. Text recognition and create high-quality PDF files that can use for everyday purposes.

CamScanner - Scanner to scan PDF CamScanner - Scanner to scan PDF

CamScanner - Scanner to scan PDF
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First-class PDF Creator

Creating PDF documents and editing files online is quite a challenge. Thanks to this application, you can solve many functions to create the perfect paper. First of all, you should count on a quality camera on your smartphone. If your camera is capable of taking high-quality pictures, then this application will become an indispensable assistant. First of all, you can take a picture of the file and crop the edges to create the perfect PDF in the document. If this is an image, then you can adjust the brightness and contrast in a few clicks. Also, the application allows you to scan the ID passport and other documents to maintain the original size. Thanks to detailing and setting the size, you can easily print the document and provide it to the necessary authority. Another important option is the ability to edit a text. 

For example, you want to send a text report or check the work of your employee. You can underline various text objects with lines, a marker, or write individual notes on top of the document. It will help your colleagues and employees understand individual sections of the text and change it. Thus, you can also share the finished result on social networks and cloud storage. Direct integration with various services guarantees you the security of your data and the ability to transfer any information quickly. It is worth noting that the application supports portrait shooting mode. You can scan photos, paginate, and promptly compose an entire PDF book from separate files. It is worth noting that the application can scan text and recognize it in word format. It is very convenient if you need to edit further scan results. 

Select file borders to trim the document neatly. It is worth noting that the application supports smartphones and tablets, so you get a universal software tool for working with PDF files. It is a stylish and feature-rich application that will help you solve many technical problems and create PDF files without restrictions. Scan, customize, and edit files in one click. There are many predefined templates and the ability to edit brightness and contrast. Thanks to this, all your work will be as detailed as possible. Select saved presets and send data to Cloud Storage. You can also use social networks as a source of transactions. In general, the application is suitable for both beginners and professionals who need a powerful office tool.

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Best Office App

If you want a universal tool for creating digital copies of your documents, this is an acceptable option. Convenient options for saving files, converting, and recognizing texts will simplify the work with various materials and text files. You can make copies of photos, change the brightness and contrast. The main option of the proposal is the ability to synchronize and number the text. Recognize individual fragments and edit their application. The specialty graphical interface allows you to place individual sections of the document so that your employees can change the current settings.