Quip - Review & Download

Quip is a tool for managing projects and streamlining teamwork. It is available on all major platforms, including mobile versions for Android and iOS.

Quip allows you to take email messaging out of the equation while letting you track multiple tasks at the same time. Each topic discussion within the app can be easily related to the content.

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The service itself is a pack of apps needed for efficient office work. It includes tools like group chat, tables, documents, and task lists. All members of the team see the same. For teams, departments, and supporting outsource workers it is possible to create individual folders with their specific tasks. 

Quip also has an offline mode that lets you work without being connected to the Web. The app will automatically synchronize all new additions to the project once you go online. In addition to that, all members can use Single Sign-On with Salesforce or other third-party apps. The developers have also equipped the platform with smiles, memes, gifs to make a bit more fun for users.

This platform will be a good choice for all kinds of business – it can be tuned for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large enterprises. Also, it will make the life of the marketing and sales departments easier. With Quip, all activities of the company can be systematized with ease. The same goes for calculating the final results.  

Quip is the app of choice in IT, product development, office management, as well as personnel management spheres. Team leaders will appreciate features like task assigning with the possibility to track the progress in real time while managers and clients will be happy to resolve various issues without a correspondence fuss and never-ending calls.

The service has integrated functions for exporting and importing stuff and supports push-notifications that will keep you updated. The update log allows top managers and project leaders to follow the operations from the beginning to the very last day. With the advanced search feature, there is no problem to find important data in the information flow. To make your projects more safe, confidential, and secured, there are permissions to view certain folders, individual documents, and even groups.

The in-app chat has read confirmation options. Thanks to that, the communication between project members is optimized. In Quip, you can archive messages, restore documents, and even invite new guests (if you have permission to do that). Thanks to the flexible settings, it is possible to create an ideal working space that will meet the needs of your company. With the compliance audit feature, you can check the final result of your work in a few clicks.

Main features of the app:

  • Full access to the Quip API.
  • Flexible settings for users to adapt to all kinds of projects.
  • Audit options (only for Premium users).
  • Export information in PDF and Microsoft Office formats.
  • Single Sign-on: Okta, Salesforce, OneLogin, Google Apps, SAML.
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