APK Installer - Review & Download

APK Installer developed by Mobile Manager is a tool that allows you to install APK files on micro SD cards used in Android devices. It was designed to be easy to use and quick in operation. In addition to that, the app provides full control to copying, emailing, managing, installing or deleting APK files as well as browsing folders on your gadget. With APK Installer you can install an apk file by simply using in-app search. APK Installer is available for free download from the Google Play Store. Google’s store is a great place for searching and installing apps safely and quickly, but some applications cannot be found there – that is why you might need APK Installer. 

APK Installer APK Installer

APK Installer
Mobile Manager

Main Features of APK Installer:

  • Install/uninstall app easy – the app allows installing apk files in batches (and uninstalling them just as easy as well).
  • Create shortcuts – any application on your smartphone can have its own shortcut for quick access. Select one or multiple apps you use the most and leave shortcuts on your home screen for them.
  • Update apps and create backups – the easiest way to keep your apps up-to-date. Plus, don’t forget to backup important apk files on your micro SD card. 
  • Share App – you just need to make a few clicks to share any app with your friends.
  • Security Scanner – use various analytics tools, detectors, and apk signature verification in order to keep your system safe and secure.  
  • Cache Cleaner – cleaning app cache is important, and now it can be done with just one tap.
  • View App Information – check package names, installation dates, permissions, apk files location, and more data about the app.
APK Installer Screenshot

Without any doubt, getting apps from the Google Play Store is the best and surely the safest way for all Android users. But in some cases, when you cannot find a particular app in the Google’s Store, you need an alternative source or tool. There are tons of websites on the Web that offer to download apk files, but that can be dangerous. With APK installer you can be sure that you at least have some protection while downloading apps from unknown sources and third-party websites.