CCleaner - Review & Download

In a vast variety of cleaning and device optimization software available on the market today, it gets really hard to find truly reliable products. Hard but not impossible, though. Today we are going to talk about CCleaner – this app belongs to the top tier and has the reputation you can trust.

It is true that you can find a lot of different options for system optimization, registry cleaning, and tweaking other important parameters. However, we know for the fact that most of them cannot be safe, quick, and reliable at the same time. Moreover, some apps downloaded from questionable sources can be Trojans in disguise. 

CCleaner CCleaner


After careless system cleaning with free low-quality apps, you may find out that some programs and games cannot be launched or maybe some files are missing, probably erased by the cleaner. While paid apps from renowned developers just cost too much. Yes, they do have trials, but those are limited and usually, don’t have many options. 

However, there is a solution. This solution was developed by the Piriform company that continues to improve and update its arguably best product – CCleaner. This is probably the most popular tool for system optimization in the world. Just like its competitors, CCleaner has two versions – free and paid. However, the free version of CCleaner is fully functional, and it is not limited in time of use. Then what’s the point of the premium version, you might ask? The Pro version of this software includes customer support and comes with a few advanced features – those are not really used much by average users, hence the “Pro” prefix indicating that this version is for specialists.  

Main features of the app

With CCleaner, you can quickly and effectively fix your registry, delete temporary files that accumulate on any device over time, edit your startup list, uninstall the programs you don’t need to free some space.

The interface of the app is simple and convenient – all system cleaning, and optimization actions can be performed in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the intuitive interface, even complete beginners without much experience can use the app properly. All basic parameters of the smart scanner are tuned to have minimal impact on your system during cleaning procedures. It means that anyone can start using CCleaner without reading walls of text in manuals to learn technical info not to mess the things up.

System cleaning

Arguably the most important feature of CCleaner. Most users don’t pay attention to the temporary files and other junk files piling on their disks. Thanks to the flexible settings for this option, you can set the parameters for scanning each recognized app and scan system files as well.

Registry cleaning

We have been using CCleaner for years now, and we have enough experience with it to tell you – registry cleaning with CCleaner won’t cause you any stability problems. The guys from Piriform have developed a perfect algorithm for registry analysis – it does not change any crucial parameters and eliminates the possibility of wrongful deletion of the current parameters. You can initiate the registry scan procedure from the menu laconically named Registry. Most of the parameters there are set by default, and you don’t really need to change them. However, if you are performing this procedure for the first time, we would recommend you to create a copy of your registry when prompted by the app.

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