Clean Master - Review & Download

Provided by Cheetah Mobile, Clean Master is a free application, which helps users keep their mobile devices clean and free of rubbish. Over time, unnecessary files produced by different apps can occupy lots of free storage space on your smartphone. This is where Clean Master comes into play. 

Using the application, you can free your mobile device of junk files in just a few taps. The app will accurately scan your phone for junk files and clean them in no time. The whole process is quick and smooth. It takes minimum effort – just press the button and the app will do the rest for you. Comparing to its competitors, the Clean Master app proves to be 30% more efficient than others. 

Besides the features above, the application allows you to detect and kill processes that are draining your battery life. See how much power different apps require, and stop the ones that are wasting it. You can also use a CPU cooling feature to prevent your mobile device from overheating. 

Clean Master Clean Master

Clean Master
Cheetah Mobile

Clean Master also takes care of your privacy. It allows you to clear your browsing searches and viewing history, remove text messages, wipe off phone records, and more.

Clean Master Features:

  • Increase the speed of your mobile devices.
  • Detect and clear junk files from other apps.
  • Kill processes that cause your smartphone to overheat.
  • Help your battery last longer.
  • Use the app to protect your privacy and personal information.


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Clean Master is a free and easy-to-operate tool, which helps you maintain your device as well as monitor and improve its performance. You can download it free of charge. The app is supported by both iOS and Android mobile devices.