Compass - Review & Download

Compass is a convenient application that will make your smartphone a source of detailed navigation and allow you to take walks with an accurate display of your location. Use during tourist trips, kayaking, synchronization with regular maps, and in other cases.

It is a convenient application containing six stylish shells that will allow you to improve orientation on the ground. The app works with all smartphones with a magnetic sensor and supports many older versions of operating systems. All this will allow you to quickly navigate the terrain and not get lost in stressful situations.

Compass Compass


Navigation In one Click

Compass has always been a popular means of navigation for sailors and travelers. Thanks to a special magnetic needle, you can still determine where the north is. That is why orienting, with the help of this program, will be very simple. The main requirement for your smartphone is the presence of a built-in magnetic sensor. If your smartphone has this option, you can safely use the program as a real alternative to a compass. First of all, you can make a quick calibration of the device, after which you can track the slightest changes in degrees and find any of the four cardinal points. Combine applications with real maps, and you can participate in various tourist excursions, campsites, and even climbing. 

Any trek through an unknown territory will become more comfortable for you, thanks to a detailed and accurate compass. To diversify the monotonous interface, you can use six visual skins that completely rework the compass positioning system. It also uses portrait and landscape orientation to more comfortable use the application. After quick calibration, you can easily use the compass and choose the current direction for travel. Do not forget that the program consumes the minimum amount of battery power so that you can easily navigate the terrain and always be in the right place. A combination of GPS maps may be one of the best applications for travelers. It is worth noting that the program works with almost any device and supports even older versions of operating systems. 

It is essential since many people still have old gadgets. Please install the program and synchronize it with a magnetic sensor to obtain detailed data on the location of the cardinal points. The program’s interface is easy to configure, so you don’t have any inconvenience while using the compass. Choose any format of interaction with the application and go on a journey. You don’t have to wait for help for a long time. Use the comfortable mode to track your current location and navigate around the world. The program will allow you to navigate in unknown territory quickly. If your smartphone meets the basic requirements of the program, then you can freely travel even long distances without fear of getting lost.

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Tune The Compass

If you are an avid traveler and like to find yourself in extreme situations, then you need to use special software for orientation on the ground. This software compass is an excellent alternative to a standard device that can easily combine with online maps or physical materials. Navigate the terrain and choose a route for travel. This program will allow you to facilitate any trip or rafting on the river. Now you will never get lost and will be able to get to your destination on time. If your smartphone has a magnetic sensor, then this program can provide you with the opportunity to navigate everywhere.