Fences - Review & Download

All Windows users are familiar with this problem: eventually, desktop become flooded with icon, shortcuts, files, and documents. Fences is just the app to solve this problem for you – it is a lightweight and super effective tool to keep your desktop clean and organize order from chaos. Elements are grouped by their types or other individual criteria in special “baskets” that can be created, renamed, moved, or resized. With a wide range of options for sorting and visualizing, you can create a perfect working environment that will support your working habits and make your desktop look stylish as well as organized. And the best thing – it will take a few clicks to arrange this beauty!

Categories allow you to organize various stuff on your PC by automatically placing your icons and shortcuts in special “fenced” areas on your main screen. Each area can be easily resized to include more items. The program comes with many adjustable parameters that make Fences one of the most popular apps for managing your desktop in Windows.

Fences Fences


With Fences, you will never have to worry about the chaos on your desktop. All categories will be there instead of the scattered objects. Everything can be accessed with ease, thanks to the Minimize feature. Double-click the header of any category to minimize the space it takes on your screen. To see the full area again, just mouse over its header and double-click it.  

Create multiple pages with categories on your desktop and switch between them on the fly. In order to jump from one desktop page to another, just move your cursor to the edge of the screen, click and hold the left mouse button, then drag it. And a new page with “baskets” will appear. This feature provides better control over the process of organizing your favorite programs, important documents, most frequently used websites, and other stuff. 

Another cool feature we loved in Fence lets you clear your desktop in an instant. Double-click any free space on the screen, and all your icons will disappear. To bring them back, just do the same action again. You can pin icons and add particular categories to exclusions so that they won’t vanish like that. 

Also, you can use categories as portals to any directory on your hard drive. For example, the folders with your documents or photos can be pinned on your desktop as a separate category. This way, you can have quick access to their contents without creating a mess on the main screen.

Main advantages and features of the app:

  • Organize your shortcuts, icons, and files on the desktop with maximum efficiency.
  • Create shaded areas on the main screen for better visualization.
  • Set your own rules for sorting icons on your desktop.
  • Use background blur to make categories more noticeable.
  • Easily hide and unhide all icons with a simple double-click.
  • Minimize categories making only headers visible to clear space.
  • View folder trees within categories.
  • Switch between multiple pages that contain categories.
Fences Screenshot