FileZilla - Review & Download

If you ask us what is the best FTP client today, we will give you a name – FileZilla. Why? Because it is free, it is multiplatform, and it has been around since 2001. Besides being free, the app has many other advantages, and that is why it made to the top list of the most downloaded programs (7th place, by the way).

We love the simple, user-friendly interface of FileZilla, incredible data transfer rates, and the fact you don’t have to be a pro to use it. The app supports the following protocols: FTP, SFTP, FTPS as well as SOCKS5, HTPP/1.1, FTP proxy, and IPv6.

FileZilla FileZilla


As for extra features, we like the ability to filter file names, set download speed limits, continue downloading after losing connection, Kerberos encryption support, secured connection, remote search, and server-side editing. In addition to that, with FileZilla, you can change the look of the app, switch between two different FTP connection types (active and passive), and control file transfers.

The main menu in FileZilla has two working areas – just like in other file managers. On the left, there is the file system of the computer, and on the right – remote server stuff. Each column is divided into two vertical blocks. Directories are shown at the top, while in the lower section – their contents. 

In order to start downloading a file, you can simply double click it or drag to the appropriate side of the window. You can check your downloads in the tasks window, which is in at the very bottom of your main menu.

If you need to abort the procedure, you can do it here. Also, you can select what actions will be performed upon the completion of the download or change the priority of the download. Among other interesting features is one you should know about – it describes the actions to be performed when the app finds that the file you want to download (or upload) already exists. Let’s say you have uploaded a video to the server and forgot about it. When you try to upload it again, the program will remind you about that file and ask what to do with it (you will have to choose from the list of actions).

The recursive search function makes it easier for you to find files on a remote server. It scans all directories one by one, starting from the root directory. You can search by name, path, size, or date (of creation).

Compact size, simplicity, convenience, minimal system requirements, and amazing speed altogether makes this FTP manager the number one among other programs for data exchange between the user's computer and FTP servers.

FileZilla Screenshot