Firebird - Review & Download

Firebird originates from the source codes of Borland InterBase 6.0. It is a program with an open-source code without a double license, which means that you can use it freely in your commercial apps as well as open-source apps.

The technology Firebird is based on is more than 20 years in use, which made this app a seasoned veteran with stable features. 

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Don’t be surprised by the minimal size of the installer. Firebird is a fully functional and powerful database management system; it can “chew” small databases a few kilobytes in size as well as colossal bases in gigabytes. Firebird requires minimum maintenance and user intervention in the process while keeping performance high.

Main features of Firebird:

  • Full support for stored procedures and triggers.
  • Transactions which are fully compatible with the ACID concept.
  • Referential integrity.
  • Versioned architecture.
  • Humble size.
  • Powerful internal language for writing stored procedures and triggers (PSQL).
  • User Defined Function support.
  • Can work with minimum system administrator intervention.
  • Easy to set up: every database management system user can start using it right after the installation.
  • Huge online community, many Internet resources where you can ask users (and developers) for help (for free).
  • Dozens of custom applications from third-party developers, including administration tools, replicas, and so on.
  • Careful write: fast recovery after failures, no need for logging transactions.
  • A big number of tools to access the database: native/API, dbExpress drivers, JDBC driver, ODBC, .Net provider, OLEDB, modules for Perl, Python, PHP, etc.
  • Supports all common operating systems, including MacOS, Windows, Solaris, Linux.
  • Incremental backups.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions available.
  • Full implementation of cursors in PSQL.
  • Monitoring tables.
  • Connect, and transaction triggers.
  • Temporary tables.
  • TraceAPI for analyzing server activity.


On the official website, you will find a huge collection of documents, articles, and FAQs that will help to solve any problem with Firebird. Also, as we already mentioned above, you can ask for help on forums and other community resources, and, most likely, you will get an answer. For more details on this topic, we recommend you going to the Firebird website. And if you want to read the latest news and Firebird updates, there is no better place than 

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Firebird is a universal database management system that can be used for all types of databases – small and big alike. It does not matter whether you have a list with a dozen users or hundreds – Firebird will do its job and won’t let you down. To be 100% sure, we recommend you to check the catalog of systems and software solutions running Firebird. After that, you won’t be questioning this app.