Google Family Link for parents - Review & Download

Google Family Link for parents is an application for family control. You can control the installation of various programs and games by your child. Configure user restrictions and device usage policies. Thanks to the notification system, you can receive information that your child is trying to buy any in-game purchase.

Now you can control what your child launches and how long he uses it: set usage times and block devices to motivate your child to do other things. You can also track the location, making it easier to find a child in the city.

Google Family Link for parents Google Family Link for parents

Google Family Link for parents

Control your kids

Parental control is crucial. By limiting the ability of children to download applications and view content, you can protect them from injury to the child's mind and excessive use of video content. This application allows you to create and configure a child account with its security policies and privileges. You can leave access to the leading Google service, track the actions of the child, and receive reports on your device. 

You can manage applications and the ability to purchase inside game content. Thanks to access to the list of the most useful apps, you can understand which of them will suit your child. You can also set certain restrictions for the child that will help limit the time of using the device throughout the day. You can also configure the automatic locking function if the child runs too many applications or spends a certain amount of time in games. By installing this application on a child's smartphone or tablet, you will be able to control any services and settings. 

It is essential for your child not to get traumatized or play at the expense of his or her daily duties. It is enough to set up your child's account once, and you will be able to control all current activities fully. It is not necessary to ban your child all games or applications. One has only to remind him how to use the services properly and why you should not spend all the time in the games. The app allows you to attach a child to an exciting activity and puzzles. Thanks to the list of recommended applications, He will be able to develop and gain more knowledge.

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Family Link opportunities

This application is perfect for those parents who want to restrict a child's access to dangerous content or over-launching games. Now you can configure the access policy, permission to purchase inside the game content and the general child's time spent advanced settings allow you to remotely lock the application or the child's access to the game services. It will motivate your child to study and do other daily activities.