Internet Explorer - Review & Download

Internet Explorer or Internet Explorer 11 to be precise, is the web browser integrated into Windows 8.1. This browser has two versions – standard desktop and enhanced with Metro UI.

The browser is available also for Windows 7, and according to Microsoft, it is almost identical in terms of performance, security, and privacy. IE11 has received the WebGL support, ability to playback video without any additional plugins, and a few HTML and CSS features that were not available in the previous version of the program.

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Microsoft claims that new Internet Explorer loads JPG images up to 45% faster while consuming 40% less memory in comparison with the previous versions. If you don’t really want to install this new browser, you can deactivate its automatic installation with the tool provided by Microsoft. They should be on their official website.

The JavaScript performance has been drastically improved in IE11. Tests conducted by the Microsoft team with WebKit SunSpide show that IE11 is faster than Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 30, Firefox 25, and Opera 17 in this department. It 9% faster than IE10, while the last one is 30% ahead of the other competitors.

Web browser users often have to deal with one common problem – how to manage multiple tabs, opened by the user, efficiently. Internet Explorer utilizes a smart context menu, which allows users to close the current tab, close all tabs except the one selected, or create a bunch of new tabs. The browser also lets you ungroup items, duplicate tabs, reopen last closed tab and the list of recently closed pages. Tabs are arranged in a row below the address bar.

In the Tools menu, you can find a very useful option called “Do Not Track.” It allows you to hide yourself from ad networks so that they won’t bombard you with targeted ads depending on your browsing history. This option is also nice to boost confidentiality when you are sharing your computer with someone.

Another brand-new feature that appeared in Internet Explorer lets users pin websites on the taskbar. Now all your frequently used websites are just one click away. Hit the site’s icon on the taskbar, and it will immediately open in a new window. To add a new website to the bar, you need to drag its icon from the address bar to the taskbar. Also, you can go to the Tools menu to make the new icon look like icons for standard apps. In this case, that website will become your home page, while its icon turns into the home sign that resides next to the Back button. 

Main features of Internet Explorer:

  • Improved JavaScript performance.
  • New tools for web developers.
  • Pinned sites.
  • The ability to hide your browsing with the Do Not Track feature.
  • Viewing in compatibility mode.
  • Better and faster web surfing in comparison with the previous version of IE.
Internet Explorer Screenshot

Today Internet Explorer 11 is available in 95 languages. It works faster and requires fewer system resources to do its job than the previous versions (IE10 and older). We absolutely love the privacy and security features such as Do Not Track and SmartScreen (informs about infected websites that spread malware). It is a good web browser, but it does not offer anything special to draw the attention of loyal Firefox/Chrome users. However, fans of the Microsoft browser will love this program as it is a big step into the future.