KingRoot - Review & Download

You are probably familiar with popular root programs such as Vroot, Framaroot, Kingo Root, Eroot, and others. They help thousands of users with root rights on Android smartphones and tablets. However, sometimes even those apps are unable to break the system, and this is where you might need something bigger like KingRoot. Root or superuser rights are needed to expand the functionality of the Android platform. Within Android operating system all users can have access to files (document editing, listening to audio, watching the video, etc.) with a guest account. It means that you can modify, delete, fix, or edit system files and boost the functionality of the system. Access to those actions is limited to the Administrator or superuser as we said.  

What can you do with KingRoot?

  • Independently create your firmware.
  • Unblock Android pattern key.
  • Make the majority of daily tasks automatic.
  • Slow down or boost the processor.
  • Improve system responsiveness and performance.
  • Increase the time between charging (for instance, if your smartphone would last just one day on 100% battery charge, with root rights you can improve it to two days).
  •  Change the appearance of your Android (background, icons, etc.).
  • Integrate melodies, sounds, and apps.
  • Delete standard melodies, sounds, and apps.
  • Delete annoying ads from apps.
  • Restore and pause firmware. 

KingRoot KingRoot


New versions of KingRoot has a stylish design and unique methods for getting root rights. The app works on one hundred thousand smartphones and tablets and more than 40 thousand Android firmware from 2.3 to 5.1. 

Your tablet or smartphone must have 30% or more battery charge before starting the procedure. Check that you have active access to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. Be sure that you can download apps from Google Play (by activating ‘Unknown sources’). Disable your mobile antivirus program and follow these instructions:  

  • Download the KingRoot installation package on your PC.
  • Connect your Android device to the PC. Install KingRoot.
  • Start the app and press a green button to get Root. This procedure might take several minutes.
  • If you successfully got root rights, go to the next paragraph. 
  • If your smartphone did not reboot automatically – restart it manually. 
  • Install KingUser.


KingRoot Screenshot

Sometimes new users blame the app for being a malware because their Android antivirus programs say so. It happens due to the fact of hacking using various vulnerable spots. Google is strictly against such things and tries to prevent users from getting root rights. That is why the app is shown as potentially dangerous.