LEO Privacy Guard - Review & Download

Provided by LEO Network Technology, LEO Privacy Guard is a free application, which helps users ensure reliable security for their mobile devices. Protect your messages, contacts, and other private information in just a few taps. Using the app, you can protect all your personal data with DES 64-bit encryption. To add an extra level of security, you may lock important data, such as credit card info or personal photos, using Touch ID, pin lock, or dot lock. 

Using the LEO Privacy Guard app, you can ensure protection for all your passwords and login data. The application allows you to check the level of safety for your personal passwords. You can also use the app to create stronger and more complex passwords in no time.

Besides the features described above, the application also enables you to scan your VIP cards’ QR codes or bar codes securely. You can use your VIP cards anytime, anywhere. The app also allows customizing E-VIP cards with ease. Plus, you can easily scan various bar codes and access your scan history. 

LEO Privacy Guard LEO Privacy Guard

LEO Privacy Guard

LEO Privacy Guard Features:

  • Keep all of your private information safe.
  • Secure your data with such features as pin lock, dot lock, or Touch ID.
  • Manage your login information and password combinations.
  • Create strong passwords by checking their safety levels.
  • Scan bar codes and QR codes.
  • View your scan history.
  • LEO Privacy Guard
LEO Privacy Guard Screenshot

LEO Privacy Guard aims to provide strong security to your mobile device, offing a wide selection of handy features and safety measures. You can download the app and give it a try for absolutely free. The application is supported by different platforms, including iOS and Android.