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The Lock screen is an alternative to a standard password that allows you to set a graphic key to lock the screen of your smartphone. Protect your gadget with a sophisticated visual password so that no one can crack your personal information.

The program’s interface is simple and convenient to use, and beautiful wallpaper from the gallery will allow you to customize the lock screen of your smartphone. Configure any playback format and lock the controlled keys to increase the security of your operating system.

Lock screen Lock screen

Lock screen
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Many people are wondering about how to protect your smartphone from unplanned and unauthorized sessions by third parties. Most of the information on our smartphones is confidential; therefore, it is essential to protect them with a password. Standard numeric and passwords may not always be a reliable solution because it often based on our date of birth or other relevant information. Many attackers can know the necessary data from you and solve the password quickly enough. Unlike such standard security features, Lock screen provides you with graphical passwords. Thanks to it, you can lock the screen of your smartphone and set the graphic key. The system works based on 9 points that evenly spaced on the lock screen. 

You can use automatic password generation or create it manually. You can create an infinite number of actions and combine points on the screen according to your wishes. It is one of the coolest ways to lock your screen. As soon as you install the security system, no one can turn on your screen or Wi-Fi access to the start screen. The system connects to security settings and device administration, so you get the most reliable interface. The lock screen is very safe and allows you to create Turn on any length. The system twice asks for confirmation of the template to accept all the saves and provide you with a personalized screen setting. In addition to standard functions, you can activate the customization mode. 

Choose pictures from your galleries for a standard background, and you can customize the lock screen. It will add more originality and will allow you to enjoy beautiful images while unlocking your smartphone. Forget about tedious and unreliable programs. With this software, you will always protect your phone. Now you can quickly leave your smartphone on the table while communicating with a large and noisy company. No one will be able to access your call log, gallery, or personal data. Users will not be ready to go beyond the lock screen with a false graphic password. The most important thing is the need to remember the password yourself so as not to get several problems in the future. Otherwise, you will have to reset the smartphone to factory settings. Use this protection system if you want the maximum level of confidentiality.

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Tips How to Protect Your Phone

Using this application, you can generate a graphic password of any length and create various combinations. Use automatic generation or create the necessary protection algorithms yourself. You also have the right to add any graphical interface or picture to the start screen of the lock. Now you can protect your data and be completely safe. Use this program if you often communicate with people and leave your smartphone unattended. It will allow you to get the maximum level of privacy.