Lucky Patcher - Review & Download

Lucky Patcher is an Android old-timer known to every second Android-user. This patcher was developed specifically for the mentioned operating system by the independent developer nicknamed ChelpuS. The app has become crazy popular thanks to the wide array of available tools for tweaking Android ‘brains.’ Most of those instruments were available before but only individually. Lucky Patcher is loved by the community for various user patches made available from the app or can be downloaded from the Web. In addition to that, the app also offers a bunch of integrated patches for improving your Android. 

Lucky Patcher belongs to the category of special app that does not care about Holo or Material design choice. It just works on any device that knows how to run Android (within a reasonable limit, of course). The toolkit is available for devices starting from Android 1.6 and up to latest Android OS releases. 

Lucky Patcher Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher

The main menu in Lucky Patcher is a list of apps installed on your device (without system apps, of course). Names of apps in the list are marked with different colors, plus, they are sorted from new to old – on top positions you will see the apps that have been installed recently, then older ones, and so on. In order to apply changes, you need to hold your finger on the desired app name and then just select the option from the pop-up menu. 

Many Lucky Patcher users don’t even know about one of the most useful features of the app – user patches. Apart from integrated patches, the app also supports special patches created by the community enthusiasts. Those patches can be divided into two categories: preinstalled and installable.  

Lucky Patcher Screenshot

Preinstalled patches. Many third-party patches are integrated into the app. The list includes only the most used, most popular, and most important add-ons for various apps. Usually, most of these patches are morally outdated and can be rather harmful than helpful. We recommend reading patch descriptions carefully before using. 

Installable patches. These patches can be easily found and downloaded from various Internet sources, for example, developer forums. In this case, you are downloading a patch by yourself, thus you always know what it does and what version it is compatible with. We suggest using patches from this category to upgrade your Android capabilities.