Mobogenie - Review & Download

Originally the developers of Mobogenie we planning to create a smartphone manager tool based on the PC connection scheme. It supposed to be software in the form of a universal driver that would allow controlling various functions of Android from the desktop operating system after you connect your phone to a computer with a USB cable. The main standout feature of this project is not the technical advancement of technology (despite the fact it has some, for example, Mobogenie lets you connect a mobile device and a PC via Wi-Fi) but the possibility to have quick access to media content and to be able to organize it. In the end, the app turned into an alternative app store, while its original idea was set back. That is the main reason why the original concept was revised, and its developers decided to bet on the mobile version of Mobogenie. It is a short summary of the Android app we know today as Mobogenie, and it has more than 600 downloads worldwide. And we think it would be wise to review the mobile version of the app separately from the desktop one.      

Mobile version of Mobogenie serves as an alternative to the standard Google app store. The app does its primary functions quite well, but we cannot help but notice the lack of fresh ideas. We are not sure why to bother to do all this when your app does really have many cardinal differences from the Google Play service. 

Mobogenie Mobogenie


The upper panel of the user interface is filled with a slider that promotes other apps and services. The lower area of the main screen is not limited and presented as an endless news feed with store updates. Then you have a search bar and several content categories that also present in the desktop version of Mobogenie. Besides standard categories such as Apps, Games, Music, Wallpapers, and YouTube, there is also a section with the latest news.

Mobogenie Screenshot

Mobogenie features:

  • Recommendations to the most useful apps you might like.
  • Lists with top and trending apps.
  • The algorithm that picks highly familiar apps.
  • Latest news about apps are posted in your personal feed.
  • The possibility to download wallpapers in full HD as well as high-quality ringtones.
  • Use quick search to find great apps in a matter of seconds.
  • One of the fastest app search engines.
  • Millions of apps available via the Mobogenie market. 
  • Install paid games without any charges.
  • Organize all apps on your phone easily.
  • Create backups and restore important app data.