Move to iOS - Review & Download

Move to IOS is a specialized application for migrating from Android to IOS. Many users have a lot of content that needs to transfer to a new smartphone. Thanks to this application, you can synchronize your contacts, message history, various accounts, and other data.

Save all your photos and videos to use in IOS. The quick setup allows you to start the synchronization process with a few clicks. It's easy for everyone. The intuitive interface and hint system will help you transfer all data to your new smartphone.

Move to iOS Move to iOS

Move to iOS

Change Your OS In a Few Clicks

Transferring data from one device to another is a big problem for all who buy new gadgets. It's more difficult for users of different operating systems. Migration in manual mode from Android to IOS is quite complicated. The differences in architecture and data transfer methods are colossal. That is why this application simplifies the work for users. Now you do not need to pre-save all the data on your personal computer. You can start the direct migration process and save all your data as well as the library. All your email accounts or age bookmarks will save with precision jewelry. Just go to the settings and turn on wi-fi. 

The system will automatically detect two devices and will give you a secure code that you need to enter to start data transfer. The whole process takes a little time so you can wait for the final. You can sync your smartphone with any device on IOS. Now all contacts message history will be in your new smartphone. Use all data from your old phone to have a full gadget. The application works as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can see a user interface with basic sync options you do not need to select alternately different folders. Just click on a specific section and the information will begin to download independently. 

It is easier than manually copying data to your personal computer or another device. The application is designed to simplify the migration process between different operating systems. Full synchronization of the account is in protected mode. All your data transmitted over an encrypted channel. Third parties cannot access your personal information. All you need is to wait until the copy process completed automatically. After that, you can use the new iOS device with all the features.

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Easy To Use App

Changing the operating system and a specific type of gadget is always a problem for the average user. Synchronization account and library bring a lot of inconveniences. Thanks to this application, Android users can migrate to IOS without any issues. Connect both devices via wi-fi and use secure code to access synchronization options. The main menu of the application allows you to select any content to be transferred to a new device. Thus, you get an encrypted data transmission channel for fast synchronization of two phones. Now all your information and video content will be available in the new smartphone.