Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar) - Review & Download

Police Detector is a social app that allows drivers to track the road patrol service along the way of their exploration and various video cameras. Explore the online map to use the radar detector and find traffic jams.

Here you can find many stationary cameras, find out where the patrol post located, and move along the road according to the rules of the way. This application can work as a GPS speedometer and show you the current speed of your vehicle.

Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar) Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar)

Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar)

Legal Driving

Daily travel by car is associated with several dangers and difficulties. In the first place, not all drivers comply with the speed limit. Even a minimal excess can result in fines if you see the traffic police. That is why this application is useful for many drivers. Here you will get access to an online map with the location of all known portable cameras and patrol officers. Now you can slow down in time and avoid a fine. You can also find nearby traffic, city traffic jams, and possible road accidents. As a whole, this application will allow you to navigate in more detail in the city and respond in time to certain traffic situations. 

You can use the program to add various cameras and other locations on the road manually. Thanks to the community menu, Replenished with new marks and spots. In general, this application greatly simplifies road traffic and allows many drivers to avoid fines. A convenient interface and no registration will enable you to use the program immediately after downloading it. Here you will find an electronic speedometer that slows down using GPS navigation. It is worth noting that the program has a built-in indicator that will start blinking if you exceed with a red line. Thanks to this program, you can control your vehicle and avoid unpleasant conversations with the police.

Each driver can install this program on his smartphone and fix the device on the side panel of the car. It can replace your navigator so you can navigate the streets. Travel and track all the dangerous places on the map in advance. Now you can make your route in the absence of various cameras and respond in time to changing traffic conditions. The Internet community supports the program, so you can also participate in adding new cameras or posts to the road service. Thanks to user activity, the interface contains a lot of relevant information about the situation on the road.

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Excellent Camera Radar

The main task of this application is to show you all the possible police posts and nearby cameras. Thanks to this, you can change the conditions of your movement and avoid fines. In general, this application disciplines drivers, allowing them to train their safe driving skills. Thanks to the previously saved information about the various road cameras, you can save the right high-speed traffic and avoid accidents. It is worth noting that here you will find regularly updated traffic information. It can be crucial if you travel across the country and want to know detailed information about the current state of the track.