QR Code Reader - Review & Download

It’s pretty hard to imagine our lives without QR code readers now. Millions of people are using these apps for their daily needs, as Quick Response codes have eventually become an integral part of our lives. This technology was first introduced in 1994 and was largely used in the car manufacturing industry.

But as time passed, large technology companies, as well as regular businesses reconsidered its original purpose in favor of more innovative and simplified communication methods. And that worked just fine!

QR Code Reader QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader

You can now see QR codes literally everywhere: concert posters, various products, websites, public transportation, restaurants and bars, museums, and even parks. QR codes can be used to promote your business, show you around, pay for your ticket, make a booking, and even educate you. The only thing you need to do all that is a simple app that does not take much of your phone’s space and is free-to-use most of the time. And one of such apps is QR Code Reader developed by TinyLab.

Despite being called QR Code Reader, this app offers much more than that. To be more specific, you can scan up to 15 types of codes, including traditional Barcodes, Datamatrix, Code128, EAN-8, and many more. Although QR Codes and Barcodes are the most common types of codes, there are situations in which you might need to have an ability to scan less popular codes as well. For instance, EAN codes are commonly found in Europe, so if you happen to travel to any European country, having QR Code Reader with you will be a big plus.

The scanning process is the most basic feature of this app. But, unlike other apps of this kind, QR Code Reader provides a well-designed interface that will make it much easier for you to retrieve encoded data out of your code. The information you get is displayed on your screen in the form of a stylish card and then saved to the app’s local storage, which makes it possible to get back to it at any moment in the future. In addition, all the scanned information is carefully distributed into different folders that correspond to the type of information you retrieve. To make it even more amazing, QR Code Reader is even capable of scanning multiple codes at a time. Is there anything more as time-saving as that?

QR Code Reader Screenshot

Finally, QR Code Reader supports data export, in case you want to share your data with others or simply have it stored on your desktop. Exported files are stored in CSV, so you will have no problem working with it.

It seems like QR Code Reader is indeed a handy solution to use in daily life. With so many useful features available, no code will remain a secret to you. The app is free and supports ads, but if you want to have an access to unlimited scans and see no ads at all, the developers offer decent subscription plans that will not leave you disappointed.