QR Reader for iPhone - Review & Download

QR Reader for iPhone is an application for scanning various documents, QR codes, NFC scanner, and business card scanner. Thanks to this application, you can browse products in the store, documents, multiple things, and get convenient access to information.

The app has internal purchases and a monthly subscription. The extensive functionality allows using the application in everyday life.

QR Reader for iPhone QR Reader for iPhone

QR Reader for iPhone

Universal QR Reader

This application is designed to get easy access to many functions. The main task of the app is to scan various QR-codes, barcodes, puzzles, business cards, and other documents. Thanks to the built-in scanning algorithm, the application recognizes any data and displays the result on the screen. You can scan documents and convert them to PDF files. It is very convenient because you do not spend time on various actions.

The application is fully standardized and uses a unified interface. It allows you to perform quick setup and scan files in the shortest possible period. The application menu will enable you to select the type of action, Document, and application usage format. Scanning is fast and reliable. You can choose a unique color scheme and setting. Also, you can create QR codes for various actions yourself.

It will help you solve many technical issues and simplify the daily work with documents. This application has a paid and free functionality. Users can pay for advanced features or use the basic version. The main advantage of the application is its speed and reliability of reading data. You can count on the fastest and most automated scanning process — the app working with multiple elements and focused on using an external camera. You can save and export data in any format and customize the technical data of the scanning process.

Thanks to the detailed settings, you can make your daily work much more comfortable. You can even scan the URL of the page. It helps resolve many technical issues without using third-party applications. The main advantage of the application is its versatility. You do not need to download a lot of technological additions to solve a simple everyday task.

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This application is useful to those who need to scan QR-codes frequently. The convenient and straightforward interface helps to understand all the essential functions quickly. Scan any types of codes and documents and create your QR-codes. It will help you to solve many technical and production problems. Use the application wisely and create a convenient opportunity to scan various documents. Customize the application and use all its functionality.