Rokie - Review & Download

Roku streaming devices have been out for quite a while now, and currently the service is considered to be as popular as its immediate competitors like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast. Most of the abovementioned companies launched their products back in 2007, and Roku has made a huge leap forward in the quality of their devices since then. And, just like Amazon Fire TV, Roku has a mobile remote control to ease the user experience within their TV environment.

They called it Rokie – a stylish mobile app that is an exact copy of a physical remote control but with much more convenient functionality. Besides, Rokie is compatible with all existing Roku devices, including Roku Streaming Stick+, and Roku TV.

Rokie Rokie

Kraftwerk 9

Firstly, Rokie is an app that is always stored on your smartphone which is much bigger in size than the actual Roku remote control. It makes it less likely that you lose it. In addition, having both physical remote control and the Rokie app at hand doubles your Roku TV control capacity. Unlike the original remote, Rokie allows you to use a regular digital keyboard where you can type in the names of your favorite shows and channels to search for them faster. The physical remote makes things messier, as usually you have to deal with an on-screen TV keyboard and only use your remote as a joystick to type letter after letter by scrolling back and forth. 

Rokie has a very simple interface and attractive design. This remote app gives you full access to your Roku TV applications, like Netflix, but also music, games, and other service features. Because it’s installed on your smartphone, it can freely detect any Roku device that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can also use the app’s built-in touchpad which has the same kind of sensitivity as your physical remote, if not a better one. The touchpad ensures a smooth menu and TV content navigation, as well as provides the ability to launch your channels and applications right from the phone. By the way, the app is free and is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Once you download the app, open it, and sign in with your personal Roku account that you’ve created when you first installed the Roku streaming device. It will allow you to access all your current TV applications but also add new shows and private channels in the future. The home screen of the app looks like a regular remote control, with a simple navigation menu located at the bottom of the screen. “Channels” contains all your channels and shows which you can open by tapping it with your finger. The “Interaction” category provides a touchpad and keyboard to navigate through your Roku TV more easily. 

Rokie also gives you faster access to the Roku official online store where you can buy and add as many channels as you want. If you happen to have special Roku channel codes that allow you to add channels for free, you simply need to add a channel, enter the code in the corresponding field, and then update your Roku device so that you could see a newly added channel in your application list.

Rokie Screenshot

Perhaps one of the least favorable Rokie features is a wide presence of ads, which have been recently introduced in the app. The thing is that Rokie doesn’t actually belong to Roku and is a product of an independent mobile development studio called Kraftwerk 9. As a result, the ads are merely a means for gaining some profit from Rokie users. On the other hand, the studio offers to purchase an ad-free version of the app for $1.99. Other than that, the Rokie app is a decent phone-based remote control a lot of cool features to let you enjoy your favorite shows without extra headache.