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Unified Remote is an application that can turn your smartphone into a remote control for your computer. The program supports a large number of operating systems and allows you to manage many programs on your computer or laptop. Control power, run various videos and adjust the volume of the music.

You can also start servers, open streaming services, and perform actions in the application manager. This program can completely replace the keyboard and mouse and also has a built-in system for duplicating the screen of your computer. Now all information can be displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Unified Remote Unified Remote

Unified Remote
Unified Intents

Remote Control

Many people often need additional applications to control many processes on their computers. For example, you watch movies or TV shows on streaming services and want to switch between series. Also, many people like to adjust the volume without getting up from the couch, which is very convenient. This program performs many functions. It is your remote control to activate various computer settings. Here are concentrated more than 90 control modes and the ability to activate widgets for specific actions. You can control the program manually or using voice commands. Use NFC or infrared for extra features and contactless communications. The range of work with programs divided into a specific category. 

For example, you can program the touch screen of your smartphone or tablet with a touch mouse, keyboard, or volume control. Use screen mirroring to control all settings without going to the monitor. You can turn on music using streaming services or installed programs. Work with various media programs, online platforms, and browsers. Switch between tabs and set up the power of your computer in one click. There is full support for various options for starting servers and other advanced settings. The traditional multi-touch mouse control provides you with first-class emotions and the ability to fully control the operation of your computer. The free version contains 18 control modes, which is enough for primary control of all the parameters of your computer.

The process of synchronizing a program with a computer is speedy. This application supports full synchronization with windows, Linux, and Mac. You can also connect to various mini gadgets like Raspberry Pi and Arduino Yún. Listen to music, connect to unique types of broadcasting Media content, and give voice commands to ensure the most comfortable mode of operation. The application provides a stable connection and control over all system parameters. It will allow you to increase your productivity and get the opportunity to broadcast the image from the computer monitor to your touch gadget. Now you can fully control the various aspects of the functioning of your devices.

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Switch between Options

Multifunctionality and preset in the application allow you to easily manage servers, personal computer operating systems, and specialized gadgets. Now you have a full-fledged touch mouse, keyboard, and the ability to control any parameters remotely. Activate additional functions to control the playback mode of video and audio files. This program quickly syncs with various devices and operating systems in one click. You only need to select the desired mode of operation and connect to the automated profile