Weather - Review & Download

Weather is an application from Sony that allows you to track the current climate on your smartphone. The program works as quickly as possible and has a beautiful graphical interface. Thanks to this, you should not even look at widgets and current weather displays. Individual pictures display clear weather, cloudiness, rain, snow, and other weather phenomena.

The program has a full interface and can work as a widget. Receive weather change notifications to dress according to temperature and precipitation. The program is both easy to use and consume a small amount of RAM.

Weather Weather

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What’s the weather today?

Every day the weather changes. Bright days are replaced by rainy and cloudy and evenings, and warm weather may be interrupted by unexpected snowfall. Current weather conditions bring many surprises to millions of people around the world. That is why it is essential to know the accurate weather forecast, precipitation, and gusts of wind. This application allows you to simplify the daily search for the right wardrobe thanks to a precise indicator. This program will enable you to select any city to monitor temperature indicators. Besides, you can determine precipitation, gusts of wind, and pressure on the street. It is very convenient as you can get detailed information in the format of a small widget. 

The program has various graphical interfaces and dashes on any smartphone. Thus, you can switch the temperature scale between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Detailed weather information can display over ten days. Choose the regions and cities that you want to track. The program also can send automatic push notifications in case the weather forecast changes. It will help you choose the right clothes, take an umbrella, or prepare for other weather events. It is worth noting that you can track several cities and regions at once. It is very convenient if you travel frequently and need a detailed weather forecast. 

Based on statistics, the program shows data from official meteorological sources. Even weather forecasters can focus on weather indicators. Informative icons display in sunny weather, moderate cloud cover, rain, or snow with hail. Thus, you can sync any region and get detailed information every minute. You can also minimize the application to a small Bandera and place it on the main page of your smartphone. It will allow you to monitor the current weather situation every minute and not to miss significant changes.

Weather Screenshot

The Weather Forecast

This application compares favorably with its analogs in its stylish interface, animated inserts, and informative weather information for ten days. You can closely monitor the current situation online and receive news from various sources. The program quickly connects to multiple parameters and allows you to receive push notifications of main changes. Now you can set several regions for tracking on the main page of your smartphone and not miss essential data. The program consumes a minimum of traffic so that your smartphone will always be in working condition.