Yellow Booster - Review & Download

Developed by Yellow Booster Team, the Yellow Booster app aims to help you increase the speed of your device as well as improve its performance. It’s popular among millions of users from over 80 countries.

The application enables you to detect and remove unnecessary files produced by various apps. Since junk files can occupy too much of your device’s memory and storage space over time, clearing your smartphone from them is the best way to make it as good as new. 

Additionally, you can quickly accelerate apps’ performance as well as monitor your device to find and stop apps that are draining your battery life or cause your phone to overheat. The Yellow Booster app allows you to store and access all the essential information regarding available storage space, CPU, battery status, and much more anytime you want.

Yellow Booster Yellow Booster

Yellow Booster
Yellow Booster Team

Yellow Booster Features:

  • Clear junk files and make your device faster.
  • Stop your mobile device from overheating.
  • Detect and kill apps that consume too much of your battery.
  • Free more storage space.
  • Improve performance of your device, using a simple optimization algorithm.
  • Manage the apps that need to be cleaned.


Yellow Booster Screenshot

Yellow Booster is a simple and easy-to-operate application, which helps you improve your device’s performance in no time. It provides smooth user experience. You can try it yourself for absolutely free. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.