Knights & Dragons - Review & Download

Knights & Dragons is a great action-package adventure where you have a chance to stand against various mythical creatures. According to the story, those beasts were sent by the Dark Prince, the supreme ruler of the dark forces. Your main mission is to save the world from evil. On the bright side of things, there are three brave heroes – a wise wizard, mighty warrior, and skillful archer. Each hero has its own set of unique abilities that must be upgraded between battles.

The game is not just about fights, we must say. As the player, you will also have to build a strong empire, hire an army and support it, plus take an active part in completing missions and quests. 

After winning a battle and defeating a dragon, your character receives valuable magical elements. They represent the powers of nature – Earth, Spirit, Water, Flame, and Air. You can use these elements to create unique weapons and upgrade your gear. When you’re facing difficult foe it is advisable to request help from Guilds.  

In Knights & Dragons, you can also organize your own alliances, so there is no need to beg others to help you. The game has a great atmosphere of the mystical medieval times, it looks gorgeous, and it is imbued with the spirit of antiquity.    

Knights & Dragons Knights & Dragons

Knights & Dragons

Complete all beginner quests. Be patient and diligent – the game will reward you for being persistent. Don’t waste real money to speed up the leveling process. Knights & Dragons is a slow game; it offers a lot of quests to farm experience points. 

Don’t use the gems in the beginning. Get at very least to the 30th level, and you will figure out the smartest way to invest them. Just remember that otherwise your gems will be wasted. We also don’t recommend buying chests with loot – the chance of getting something useful is minimal. 

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Would you like to get more gems? You can have them for free (20+ gems or so). Go to the menu, then to the store and swipe to the right until you see the «Get Free Gems» sign. You will have to complete some developer requests and gems are yours.  

Gold. Get more gold. After reaching the 25th level, your main source of gold will be Training Fields. Before the time it is advisable to have at least 6-8 fountains and a few towers. This strategy should yield you enough money to work with. 

Unlock bigger zones first since the amount of gold to get a territory is set. It does not matter what you are buying.