Smile Inc. - Review & Download

Super Lame Games Company presents a crazy not-lame game named Smile Inc., where players can experience all kinds of dangerous work to earn some money. Prepare to evade chainsaws, dodge hazardous obstacles, and escape deadly traps such as electric cages and gates. 
The idea to create this game belongs to the famous American YouTube-maker Roman Atwood. Despite being labeled as a runner game, Smile Inc. is different from the other games in this genre. The game has more than fifty unique missions, holiday events, and boxes with interesting contents (we are not going to spoil this one – you will have to discover it by yourself).  

Smile Inc. Smile Inc.

Smile Inc.
Super Lame Games

Smile Inc. features voxel-based cartoonish graphics, funny story about the character running in dangerous environments and simple auto-run mechanics. The only thing this game lack is an introduction for new players and information about core elements, but we’re going to solve this problem right here and give you a quick rundown of basic actions of the game. 

You must tilt your device accordingly to side you want your character to go to. Actions, like jumping or going forward, can be activated by simple screen tapping. If you are not really fond of constant phone tilting, then you can use joystick controls (check the settings in the menu). Choose the control system that suits you the most to be able to avoid all hazardous obstacles on the level. 

Smile Inc. Screenshot

There are a lot of characters in Smile Inc., and all of them are divided into three categories: common (standard ones), rare (advanced), and legendary (almost superheroes). Characters can perform four different actions – sneak, jump, double down, and roll – and each character can equip only one ability. Character’s level is the main deciding factor, which defines the hero’s power and abilities. Players can spend money to unlock new characters or try to get them from mystery boxes. Mystery boxes are awarded for completing missions or bought for 1000 coins.

You must be in good shape to avoid all traps and obstacles on your way. Beware of deadly contraptions marked with red lines and signs on the ground – they can easily cut your character in half. Some situations require a power boost: helmets can protect you from heavy hits; coffee can increase your moving speed, and so on. And remember to collect coins! They have different colors and have different values. Blue coins give you one point, each green coin is worth five points, while yellow one is equal to ten points.