Princess Coin Palace - Review & Download

This game is a quest for younger players. It will teleport them to faraway fairyland and take on a journey with Princess Sansa. She is set on the quest to discover her hidden power that will help her to be a good ruler. The game features bright, stylish graphics and jaw-dropping animations, making Sansa and her magical company look majestic. We fell in love with Princess Coin Palace from the first play – the game offers best thrills of the arcade in combination with all sort of mini-games. Players have to help the princess to get a steady income of coins and also win special prizes and earn bonuses to improve the score and increase Sansa’s chances of becoming the Queen. The more coins you manage to get, the better prize and the more booster the Princess receives. Those power-ups significantly increase the chance of winning down the line. In addition to that, they also unlock brand new combinations and moves.   

When you are tired of the main game mode, you can test your skills in multiple mini-games and quests. All your efforts will also affect Sansa’s acknowledgment of her magical powers. Despite the fact that this game is designed to be family-friendly and children-oriented, adults will also be pleased to play it and enjoy incredibly lively animations. For hardcore gamers, there are leaderboards that show players with highest ranking records. The casual player will enjoy scoring big in the mini-game called Kingdom Fortune Wheel. 

Princess Coin Palace Princess Coin Palace

Princess Coin Palace
Mindstorm Studios

The developers add new content to the game all the time. Thanks to this Princess Coin Palace is perfect for players who like surprises. You can download the game once and then just come back after major updates to see all brand new levels and grab new bonuses. Princess Coin Palace is a family-friendly game that lets you have fun with your relatives and friends together. Invite them and compete for the highest score! 

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It is so easy to customize time killer games like this one with in-app purchases and additional content that it is no wonder that Princess Coin Palace has an in-game shop. You can get some bonuses and additional content their or just wait for updates while earning prizes whilst playing. You can customize your chips, change board backgrounds, and modify wallpapers every time you start the game. Note: Princess Coin Palace includes some mini-games in casino-style that let you win virtual currency; it is not possible to win any real money via this app.