Smash Hit - Review & Download

There is one special category of games that can be called not otherwise than ‘the developer’s gift,’ which give you a clear understanding from the first seconds that you are playing a high-grade well-thought-out project. Smash Hit is one of those games. Of course, it is not really a ‘gift’ in common sense because it is not entirely free, although you can download it without paying a cent. However, the monetization method chosen by the developers is very smart: in Smash Hit everything is available for free, there are not locked elements, the game is not stripped of additional features. However, for an additional price, you can get a premium version, which gives you the opportunity to continue playing from the last checkpoint after dying. In the standard version, you will have to start the level from the beginning after each death. There are 50 levels in this game, and completing them all with one life would be difficult but still possible.  

Smash Hit Smash Hit

Smash Hit
Mediocre AB

Your main goal, as well as the game mechanics in Smash Hit, is simple. Its developers made their bet on the visual implementation of gameplay features. All you have to do in Smash hit I to roll a silver ball and break glass figures in order to make your way through a surreal corridor. Of course, the amount of silver balls is limited, and you have to break specific objects to get additional balls. Each special object you break adds three balls to your arsenal. 

Smash Hit Screenshot

You must be some kind of perfectionist to be able to run through the corridor. If you manage to break ten figure in a row without skipping anything, then you will get a bonus – your attacks will be double, plus you will be able to throw two balls at the same time for the price of one. The game difficulty increases with the addition of moving figures, which are very hard to hit due to their speed. Some objects have very strange moving patterns that cannot be calculated from the first glance. 
Smash Hit graphics is beyond godlike. Add ideal physics to the mix, and you will get a perfect high-caliber game that allows you to dive into a beautiful world with the surreal environment. As we said before, there are 50 levels in this game, and each level has its own, unique style. The glass is not just broken after contact with a silver ball – it shatters in a very realistic manner.